Ms Lew Yen Ping received the Best General Manager Award 2019

[Best Hotels – Resorts Awards 2019] Working in numerous positions for hotels and resorts in various countries worldwide, Ms Lew Yen Ping – Country General Manager of Ascott International Management, Vietnam has made significant contributions to the hospitality industry. Thanks to that, she was acclaimed as the “Best General Manager” at the Best Hotels – Resorts Awards 2019 in Seoul, Korea. 


Wanderlust Tips | Ms Lew Yen Ping received the Best General Manager Award 2019

Before joining the Ascott, Ms Lew Yen Ping held several senior management positions within international hotel groups in Malaysia, Singapore, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan and the United States. With her vast expertise from 25 years in the hospitality industry, she is currently responsible for the management of over 20 properties under the Ascott brand in Vietnam.

“We are proud of what makes us different from our competitors and that is the Ascott Lifestyle. We go to great lengths to bring our guests more than just a nice living environment when they are away from their home. We do hope that residents and guests can find delight in delving into a fulfilled and enticing world as soon as they walk into the Ascott Lifestyle. We always offer a wide range of exciting experiences from cultural to culinary traditions and community activities to health care that make our residents want to experience more.” Ms Lew Yen Ping revealed.

Thanks to the “can-do” and lead-by-example attitude, all combined with a warm heart, Ms Lew Yen Ping has guided her team to ensure a great experience for Ascott residents at all time.

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