Jungle Bubble: A novel travel experience in Thailand’s elephant forest

The resort is located in the elephant forest in the hilly district of Chiang Rai, Thailand, and pledges to provide you with an unrivaled tropical jungle safari experience while you sleep. The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is the organizer of this excursion.

Following the current trend of new tourism developments, Jungle Bubble has established itself as an immensely unique pinnacle of the natural tourist experience. Living in transparent bubble hotels close to wild animals, especially elephants, will unquestionably be an exciting experience for those who are enthusiastic about exploring the natural world.

Photo: Anantara

A thrilling and eco-friendly encounter with elephants

It is no longer unusual for travelers to engage in nature-exploration excursions. At Anantara Golden Triangle Resort and Camping in Chiang Rai, Thailand, having fun with ‘oversized’ companions such as elephants is now more distinctive and enthralling than ever. Visitors can sit and observe female elephants playing with toys placed on tree branches during this special voyage. Their sturdy trunks can occasionally make nighttime noise by peeling tree bark and fracturing these branches.

In addition, you can confirm that elephants do not slumber much and make noises when eating after spending the night in a Jungle Bubble. Few individuals are aware that every elephant in this forest was rescued from illicit logging camps or on its way to an elephant show. This package allows visitors to easily observe elephants in the wild without interfering with their daily activities, as the balloons are located on a distinct, elevated platform. Tourists may sleep near the elephants, observe them peacefully consuming large quantities of sugarcane nearby, and do other activities in Thai bubble houses.

The Walking with Giants excursion may be ideal for those who appreciate mingling with these enormous animals. The expedition enables you to enter the forest with a team of veterinarians and biologists to study gentle giants in their natural environments. In addition, tourists can participate in interactive activities with friendly elephants, ride a luxurious boat down the Mekong River, and be greeted by a group of enormous friends. In addition, Elephant Yoga and elephant excursions are special activities included with this service.

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Explore unique bubble houses in Thailand

Three elephants that have been rescued by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation reside in transparent domes enclosing a resting space adjacent to a fenced area in two Thai bubble houses. The dome rooms constructed by Eye in the Sky, a bubble hotel construction company, are made of high-tech polyester that can withstand the vagaries of tropical weather, providing guests with a sense of comfort, safety, and complete satisfaction.

The bubble house contains an ideal 22-square-meter premium hotel room with a king-size bed, a distinctive bathroom in the bedroom, and a sitting area. They have bathrobes, slippers, plush white linens, a minibar with food service, and every other amenity you would expect from a five-star hotel. Even a substantial supper can be delivered to your residence at night without you having to leave your ideal cocoon.

Just before dusk, guests are taken up from the lobby and driven through the resort’s rice fields in a jeep to the Thai bubble house. The staff will provide you with a picnic basket for the evening that is stocked with sandwiches and other chilled items as soon as you arrive. While the elephants savor their meals, you can drink your own. Visitors must strictly adhere to the laws against feeding elephants and touching them.

To participate in this exciting event, you should reserve the resort’s Jungle Bubbles package, which costs approximately 650 USD per night. You can obtain additional details at www.anantara.com. 

This dome hotel experience in the midst of an elephant-filled forest is likely one of the most novel and exciting travel trends of 2024. Imagine a gorgeous, tranquil natural setting along with many friendly giant companions. Jungle Bubble will be an unforgettable experience for those who seek out thrilling adventures, though it may be a bit intimidating for travelers who prefer 5-star hotels.

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