4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Boise from American Tourists’ Perspective

Boise City, the state capital of Idaho, continually amazes visitors with its colorful townscape. There are many tourist attractions in Boise that become even more appealing in the autumn, which promises dozens of exciting things for travelers to explore.

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Autumn is supposed to be the perfect time for visitors to immerse themselves in the picturesque scenery of poetic walking streets and large green parks. Boise, a city renowned for its admirable outdoor scenery, will upgrade tourists’ vacation journeys in beautiful America.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Established in 1984, the Idaho Botanical Garden is well-known as a special garden with many different themes. Among the impressive colors for visitors to explore, the traditional rose garden with more than 300 different species of roses is supposed to be the most favorite place, as evaluated by American visitors.

The Idaho Botanical Garden is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community through nurturing a love of nature and developing curiosity in people everywhere. Originally the site of the State Penitentiary’s botanical and character garden, the Garden is a living museum offering information-rich garden experiences with educational programs, plant collections, and a variety of recreational, cultural, and community events.

Address: 2355 Old Penitentiary Rd., Boise, Idaho 83712

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Boise National Forest

The Boise National Forest, a part of the Sawtooth National Forest System, is known as an optimal choice for those who are interested in nature. Established on July 1, 1908, in a portion of the Sawtooth National Forest, the Idaho Batholith underlying most of the Boise National Forest formed the Boise Forest, the Salmon River, and the Western Mountains.

Whenever you begin your journey to explore the amazing nature here, you will stand a higher chance of getting exposure to diverse vegetation, including herbaceous plants and spruce forests associated with 9,600 miles (15,400 km) of rivers and streams and 15,400 acres (62 km2) of lakes and reservoirs. The Boise National Forest contains nearly 75 percent of the populations of Sacajawea’s bittern family, a plant endemic to Idaho.

Address: 1249 S. Vinnell Way, Suite 200, Boise, ID 83709

Photo: USDA Forest Service

Kathryn Albertson Park

Kathryn Albertson Park is considered the home of many wildlife species, with a large area of 41 acres located southwest of downtown Boise. Most of the park is wetland habitat filled with wildlife, including many species of birds. There are walking paths through beautiful lagoons, picturesque fountains, and signs next to paved walkways providing information about the surrounding flora and fauna.

Kathryn Albertson Park is truly a paradise for those who wish to immerse themselves in a quiet space and discover wildlife. Wide, paved walking paths wind through scenic lagoons, and the outdoor gazebo in mid-autumn is the ideal place for cyclists to enjoy their favorite sport and take in the natural scenery.

Address: 1001 S Americana Blvd., Boise, ID 83706

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Boise Aquarium

Opened in 2011, the Boise Aquarium is an interactive aquarium spread across 10,000 square feet where tourists can truly experience marine animals in their truest form. This aquarium is unique due to a variety of hands-on exhibits, such as touch tanks filled with corals, crabs, starfish, and even manta rays. There are also aviaries, giant octopuses, and a shark nursery where visitors can learn all about the life cycle of a shark.

In the Shark and Ray pools, you can even feed sharks and rays, while the Amazing Angels exhibit is a tropical reef exhibit that allows eating and touching fish that come from tropical waters in the Pacific. Other highlights include a shark nursery, aviary, coral reef habitat, and giant octopus tank.

Address: 64 N Cole Rd., Boise, ID 83704

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Most of the main attractions mentioned above are located in the city center; therefore, visitors do not need to worry too much about travel time or transportation when experiencing Boise. If you’re planning to explore the city of Boise during your US travel itinerary, remember to save the above outstanding tourist attractions to visit.

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