How to Plan an Exciting Vacation Along the US-Mexico Border

Immersion in water activities is regarded as one of the most stunning Rio Grande River experiences that you must attempt. This remote area on the border between the United States and Mexico is famed for its fresh natural landscape as well as its potential dangers. It is located in the midst of Santa Elena Canyon, within Big Bend National Park. To have the best trip, remember these five effective safety tips when sightseeing and participating in water sports among the towering cliffs.

Santa Elena Canyon is a magnificent structure filled with magical charms that is suitable for a short stroll, a day of rafting, or even a multi-day float through the canyon. The breathtaking panoramic vistas will exceed your expectations. Let’s have a look at 5 excellent recommendations to help you have a great vacation along the US-Mexico border.

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Prepare thoroughly

When exercising, wear loose, comfortable clothing rather than jeans or skirts. Bring waterproof sports shoes if possible; otherwise, bring sandals. Remember not to bring any electrical gadgets. If you do, make sure your gadgets are protected by a waterproof case, such as dry bags, waterproof phone covers, waterproof camera cases, and so on.

The windproof paddle unit that propels you forward with ease is a must-have for every kayaking adventure. Furthermore, when participating in outdoor activities with a helmet, it is vital to have head protection. When participating in water sports, you risk having your equipment fall into the water, therefore wearing a life jacket is a good way to stay afloat. You may learn how to choose a kayak life jacket by researching how to choose a kayak life jacket.

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Visit during the best season

If you want to challenge yourself through the journey of conquering the Rio Grande’s huge river with kayaking, travel from September to January; the high water level is ideal for those romantic double boats. In addition, from March to October, hikers should not miss the Santa Elena Canyon Trail. A modest 1.4-mile out-and-back track would be ideal for climbers of all skill levels. The most exciting aspect of the trip is when you reach the Rio Grande and find yourself standing between the canyon’s massive walls.

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Improve your survival skills

It is critical to improve survival skills when choosing underwater activities. To have the safest trip possible, you must first equip yourself with underwater escape abilities. When the boat is about to capsize, you should immediately take the following actions: let go of the oars, take a quick breath of air, lower your head close to the boat, or cover your head with your arms, because you never know what will happen when the boat capsizes; something could be right under your head.

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Choose a pre-planned tour

To avoid getting lost in a remote area, you should plan trips before visiting the valley. The sightseeing excursion costs around $100 USD per person, which includes a two-way shuttle price and kayak rental. The guides will prepare kayaks and accompany you on the journey to assure your safety.

Because the locals are familiar with the rough terrain here, they will give you practical instructions to avoid unfortunate incidents such as tight rivers, places not suitable for bathing, or a large cliff with a slightly curved arch, such as a house for shelter. 

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Make a reference

You can probably find information about where you want to go on travel agency websites. However, they just provide basic information and provide few to no honest reviews. Travelers who have just completed the trip and travel magazines will assist you in updating exactly what they have experienced in the reviews. You can picture how the trip will go, whether the destination is particularly intriguing, the cost, or just the weather.

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