How should youth “travel”?

“Don’t see traveling as a way to save your life, or to escape from reality. The trip will not help you resolve all of the problems in life. Travelling is a very good way to learn. However, to live a happier life, we need to give more, we must create a new set of values, and do useful work to make our lives more significant.”


Hi Rosie Nguyen, would you mind sharing the reasons that lead to your passion for travel?

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | How should youth “travel”?

After my first inexperienced trips, I realised that traveling allows us to discover the world and ourselves. The lessons gained from the journey are priceless. Besides social knowledge and living skills, travelling helps us to overcome our limitations, broaden our “comfort zone,” become courageous to try new things, which helps us understand ourselves better and become more confident. And for youth, experience is necessary.

Would you mind sharing your more memorable travel experiences?

After years of travelling, it is difficult to pick the most impressive experience. In Myanmar, I was extremely surprised with the enthusiasm of the people when I asked for road directions. Some were even willing to lead me to the place I needed to go. When in Hong Kong, I fell in love with the most spectacular trekking roads in Asia – one side is bamboo forest with rustling wind, and one side is a pretty fishing village nestled at the foot of a mountain. In Australia, I went scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef – dream destination of divers worldwide – and I was amazed when diving deeper among the school of fish swimming around and above me in a circle; it seemed like I was in a colourful rainfall. Each destination is charming in different ways.

Could you share with our readers the difficulty you faced when you decided to quit your job to travel and write?

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | How should youth “travel”?

 Actually, I did not quit my job for travelling and writing. I switched from a full-time to a part-time job as a freelancer, after publishing my first book and being recognised by readers in this profession. I must make it clear because many young people have told me they want to leave school, quit their jobs, and pursue their passions. However, they have not really prepared for this, and they were confused and did nothing to build a firm foundation to ensure they had a safe place to land after “taking the leap”.

After making the decision to leave my job at an international group, I researched and studied a lot. I understood that when quitting a job with a salary of tens of millions (VND) a month to pursue writing, I would encounter financial difficulties. However, this challenge is not as difficult as pressure from my family. When they found out I had left my full-time job, they disapproved strongly. Even some relatives called and said: “You cannot let your child live aimlessly like that and ruin our family’s reputation.

However, I didn’t let myself be shaken by others’ viewpoints. Instead, I studied materials and considered my current situation. I earned enough to make a living monthly from writing, along with saving my money. I have enough skills, knowledge, and qualifications; I have connections with different communities and social activities to not be separated when not working in a group. And I have a backup plan in case I fail. And finally, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. It has been almost two years since then and I have contributed to valuable social activities, introduced two books with a wide reception, and have had more time for truly meaningful things in my life. To have a job suitable with your passion is a great gift you can give yourself. And I am happy when I live with this gift.

Would you mind giving some pieces of advice to the young people who are irresolute between the many choices in their lives, after quitting your job for travelling has become a current world trend?

Although I am a travel blogger, I never encourage young people to quit jobs or leave school to travel. It is a fact that many young people idealise the journey; consider it as their passion, their purpose of life, their everything in life. Some are addicted to travelling, travel one destination to the next, see it as a way to save their life, to escape from reality. The trip will not help you resolve the problems of your life. Travelling is a very good way to learn. However, to live a happier life, we need to give more, we must create a new set of values, and do useful work to make our lives more significant.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | How should youth “travel”?

I want to repeat again the words I wrote in What is the Value of Youth?

“Experience helps us become more confident, helping us to face the difficulties in life. Because sometimes, sleeping by the road, in the bush, helps us strengthen our stamina. Sometimes saving every amount for the trips, we will learn how to manage our financial situation for a long journey. After experiencing days and months of aimlessness, we will learn how to keep our soul peaceful and stable throughout our lives.” Therefore, for the young people who have a passion for travel, I want to say: travel when you can, but learn how to go on beneficial travels.

I know that you have published two books Trekking in Asia and What is the Value of Youth? While Trekking in Asia is about tourist experiences, What is the Value of Youth? shares the experiences of how to “learn, work, travel, and read” in life. What are the reasons for this difference?

For me, each book is a journey of learning and growing. Trekking in Asia as well as What is the Value of Youth? are both long journeys of transformation. When I began to write Trekking in Asia, I realised there are many young people who have a passion for world discovery, but do not know where and how to begin. In Vietnam, there are a lot of travel books talking about stories on the journey; however, none of them give directions and details about trekking. Trekking in Asia was born as a response to this demand. Regarding What is the Value of Youth? I aimed to write about a social issue: the 20s crisis, the panic when many young people don’t know what they like, what they are good at, and their passion. With the book, I shared my experiences on the journey as I overcame this crisis and became “famous.” Whatever topics I wrote about, the purpose I always wanted to resolve was a specific problem with a profound value, spread good and positive things to have more fun in life, and create a new set of values through my writing.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | How should youth “travel”?

Would you mind sharing with readers your future plan?

My upcoming plan is publishing the third book about happiness, and completing a fourth one – a fiction book, different from the three former ones. This year, I hope to have a long trip to explore South Asia, from Sri Lanka to India to Nepal.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with the readers of Wanderlust Tips. We wish you success on your future journeys.

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