Hot delicacies for cold winter days around the world

On a cold winter morning, when the snow begins to fall and everything is covered in ice, something a little hot and spicy is guaranteed to warm your body and soul immediately. Join us on an outstanding culinary journey with a variety of hearty dishes for everyone.


Wanderlust Tips | Hot delicacies for cold winter days


In Lapland, the northernmost part of Finland, winters are freezing cold. Temperatures can reach as low as -45oC or -50oC. Santa’s hometown is famous for the Tana River, which flows through the border between Finland and Norway and is said to attract diners due to an abundance of salmon – the crème de la crème of the Scandinavian countries. Salmon is a versatile ingredient that can make an array of delicious dishes. However, salmon soup, known as Lohikeitto in Finland, is a signature delicacy of the Finnish people in winter.

Wanderlust Tips | Hot delicacies for cold winter days

Lohikeitto uses salmon as the main ingredient and is seasoned with spices, dill and stewed potatoes. To keep the fresh taste, each piece of salmon is peeled, filleted, cut into large chunks, then marinated with salt and put into a saucepan. The sweet broth is then considered as a base for the salmon soup. The salmon heads and bones along with a little salt and white pepper are simmered, releasing a fantastic aroma. The creamy soup is a highlight of Lohikeitto. The salmon soup is a fusion of light creamy salmon and tender potatoes, creating a diversity of unique flavours and a hearty taste. What could be better than enjoying a bowl of salmon soup in the freezing cold weather in Lapland?


It is said that Russia is home to an abundance of soups, for instance, fish soup, cheese soup and meatball soup. Nevertheless, Solyanka is considered the most peculiar and impressive soup. It is considered a traditional Russian dish eaten on cold days. Most typical Russian soups are made from vegetables, for instance, cabbage and pickled cucumbers. Solyanka spicy soup is no exception. This dish comes in three varieties including vegetarian soup, meat soup and seafood soup. All three variations use the same broth. The spicy and sour taste deriving from cucumber brine is used as a base for the rich broth and makes the signature flavour of the soup.

Wanderlust Tips | Hot delicacies for cold winter days

The Russians usually combine every version of Solyanka with different ingredients depending on their preferences and regions, but carrots and cabbage are staple ingredients. Solyanka spicy soup is garnished with lemon juice, grated lemon peel, sour cream and olives. The Russians usually serve the Solyanka spicy soup with Sbiten, a traditional hot beverage made from honey and jam to increase its flavour. After boiling in the water, Sbiten is garnished with a cinnamon stick. The aroma of cinnamon blended with the hot spicy soup takes the edge off the freezing cold weather in Russia.


American people appreciate the importance of food. They think that American cuisine is a mirror of all cuisines in the world. In the cold weather with large amounts of snow covering street corners, enjoying a bowl of clam chowder will definitely warm the soul. When the temperature drops rapidly, most American families usually cook a pot of fragrant clam chowder to dispel the cold. Clam chowder is popular in many regions of America, especially by the East Coast. Every region has a different way of cooking, but clam chowder cooked with fresh cream or tomato is the most popular.

Wanderlust Tips | Hot delicacies for cold winter days

This particular chowder is made from a range of simple ingredients, for instance, clams, salted pork, potatoes, onions, a little celery and garnished with gritted bay leaves to add a delicate flavour and an eye-catching colour. The perfect combination of these ingredients creates a delectable clam chowder with a rich flavour that is hard to find anywhere else. It sounds simple but this dish requires careful and meticulous preparation. Clams must be washed, boiled and cooked in their shells to keep their freshness and sweetness. Potatoes and other ingredients must be stewed until moderately tender and exceptionally fragrant. Traditionally, Americans often enjoy clam chowder on Fridays at restaurants.

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