Hon Nua Island: A hidden paradise in Phu Yen

Boasting a fascinating scene of incredible majesty and captivating tranquillity, Hon Nua Island allows travellers to immerse themselves in an extraordinarily exquisite ambience, making it the perfect escape from the hectic pace of urban life.


Located at the foot of Ca Pass linking the two central provinces of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, Hon Nua Island intrigues travellers with its stunningly unspoilt beauty that cannot be seen anywhere else. Hon Nua takes you deep into an utterly unique landscape with endlessly smooth white sand and giant rock formations. As the sea sparkles in the bright sunlight, this statuesque island is an eyeful of crystalline beauty, making it a spectacular slice of nature in Phu Yen.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hon Nua Island: A hidden paradise in Phu Yen

Take a chilled-out getaway to Hon Nua Island, you can go for a dip in the sparkling sapphire seawater, enjoy a stroll along the smooth white sand, admire the rock rapids and then venture out on a dazzling scuba diving adventure. Though not as astonishing and plentiful as the coral reefs in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc, the coral reefs here play a vital role in contributing to the living biodiversity of the local marine species. Just picture yourself that taking a dip in the aquamarine waters and marvelling at a vividly artful scene of branching corals and exotic species of colourful fish. If you are keen on fishing, make the best of your trip to there with a fishing experience as well as appreciating the magnificent nature.

Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hon Nua Island: A hidden paradise in Phu Yen
Wanderlust Tips Magazine | Hon Nua Island: A hidden paradise in Phu Yen

There is a powerful red lighthouse on the top of Hon Nua Island built to show ships where to go or to warn them of danger. When night falls, climb to the top of this landmark for a stunning panoramic view of the rugged coastline and enjoy the cool sea breeze. This is also a romantic destination for couples to spend their anniversary. Furthermore, the boundary marking between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen is also an interesting attraction for photography thanks to all its breathtaking seascape and fascinating rock formations.

Currently, there are very few foods and beverage options or restaurants on Hon Nua Island, so packing food for your trip is necessary. Camping overnight and having a barbecue are an exhilarating experience on Hon Nua Island. A boat trip from Phu Yen to Hon Nua costs about VND500,000/pax. For ease, you can rent stoves, BBQ’s and essential camping gear. With its unrivalled natural beauty and unmatchable serenity, Hon Nua Island is considered a hidden paradise, making it an ideal destination to add to your Vietnam bucket list.

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