Everywhere I go, there is love

(#wanderlusttips #sharethelove) In the Wanderlust Tips August Issue, Tran Giap, a backpacker and a writer has shared his great travelling love for the moutainous region of Vietnam. Below is what he felt about his trips to explore the hidden charm of A Pa Chai. 


“I still clearly remember the feeling of green grass against my skin, the taste of raspberry and sips of cool spring water which resuscitated our whole group during our quest to conquer Vietnam’s most western point – A Pa Chai – five years ago. The pride for my country and the majestic scenery of the mountains gave me strength to cross three grass hills under the 40-degree (Celsius) sunlight. We had to swing, crawl and climb to reach the sacred border of our country. Milestone No. 0 marks the border junction between Vietnam, Laos and China, located atop Khoang La San mountain at 1,900 meters above sea level. People often say that here, when a rooster sings, people of all three countries can hear it. Standing here, facing East and stretching my arms, I felt like I was seeing the entire country of Vietnam.”

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