5 undesirable acts that passengers should avoid doing on an aircraft

Airplanes are widely recognized as one of the most common modes of transportation for travelers to quickly go to tourist spots all over the world. However, not everyone understands how to behave correctly on a plane in order to create a comfortable environment for themselves and those around them. Remember to avoid impolite habits on the plane in order to become civilized passengers.

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These are minor actions, but they represent the fundamental standards of behavior when flying with airline personnel and other passengers as a bare minimum of airline culture that every passenger should be aware of. If you want to have a smooth trip and make a good impression on the crew and other passengers, it is necessary to avoid the following: 

Make excessive noise

Talking too loudly on the phone is supposed to be one of the most annoying behaviors on an airplane. Your voice can make those around you feel uncomfortable, especially when they are trying to rest. If you need to talk on the phone, try to keep it quiet or go out into the hallway.

Those who have children with them on the plane should focus on calming them and limiting their weeping time, as it will influence everyone around them. Because the plane is quite small and usually silent, the baby’s sobbing will unintentionally produce a very loud sound. If you have children with you, spend time monitoring and caring for them to avoid crying.

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Take off shoes and socks

The airplane seat is already crammed; no one wants to be surrounded by unusual odors from the person next to them. When you remove your shoes and socks in public, you not only create unpleasant odors but also present an unappealing image in the eyes of others. Instead, you should wear comfortable, flat shoes. If you’re wearing sneakers, don’t remove both your shoes and socks in front of other passengers. Besides, some passengers have the tendency to rest their feet on the seat in front of them or occasionally put their knees on the seat in front of them.

Occupy personal space

This is a relatively regular occurrence for passengers who take advantage of their time on the plane to work. As you may be aware, the plane’s eating table is extremely small and can only accommodate a laptop. If travelers have to eat while working, they will frequently ask for the food table from the passengers next to them. Whether the individual agrees or disagrees, I’m confident folks around them will have a less pleasant experience.

Furthermore, some guests who are so carefree sitting next to the window naturally occupy the armrest of the person sitting in the middle. Because they are squeezed between the two sides and have no space to stretch their legs or rest their heads, the person sitting in the middle has the right to use both armrests. Meanwhile, seats near the window have support, while those on the periphery benefit from aisle width. A considerate guest will leave one armrest for the person sitting in the center.

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Throwing trash indiscriminately

On each flight, flight attendants will often pick up plastic bags to collect trash from passengers after each meal or drink, so littering can occur, like stuffing coffee cups or crumpled napkins into the back seat pocket or on the dining table, which is truly a shameful act. Flight attendants are not maids; keep in mind to be a wise passenger by not saving trash until the plane lands. As a civilized person, cleaning up trash before leaving is a job that helps protect people’s beauty and image with international friends.

Call flight attendants regularly

You should limit your requests for assistance to minor matters such as asking inquiries, taunting flight attendants, or criticizing the meal after they have retired to rest. Food and drinks on the plane will be limited, not as extensive as a 5-star restaurant with all of your favorite foods, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t choose your favorite dish, but instead enjoy the meals that flight attendants have prepared to serve passengers. Additionally, rushing the flight attendants is also an exceedingly disrespectful act in any situation.

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