4 Must-Try Activities During Singapore’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Singaporean culture celebrates reunions during the Mid-Autumn Festival. On this special occasion, the streets are brighter than ever due to the abundance of entertainment options. Check-in right away at the locations that enable tourists to Singapore to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival vibe.

Singapore observes the Mid-Autumn Festival annually on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, as do Vietnam, China, and a number of other Asian countries. This is the reunion festival and one of the largest events of the year in the Lion Island nation. On this special day, the Chinese minority in Singapore typically displays its rich culture. As soon as the moon rises, each family will prepare the meal and congregate for a communal meal. In addition, children may appreciate watching the lion dance at this particular event. In Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also an occasion for sending gifts and well wishes to family, acquaintances, and romantic partners. Locals and visitors to this lion island country during the Mid-Autumn Festival can participate in a variety of distinctive activities.

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Visit Gardens by the Bay to experience the local Mid-Autumn Festival spirit

Time: September 15 – October 1

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors to Gardens by the Bay can view a Chinese folklore-inspired lantern display commemorating the reunion and relationship between loved ones. The Flower Dome garden is home to more than eighty distinct chrysanthemum species, some of which are exclusive to Southeast Asia.

In addition, visitors should not miss out on Gardens By the Bay’s exclusive mooncake flavor, which features rose, macadamia, and melon seed fragrances.

With its traditional music performances, seminars, and tourist entertainment activities, the Gardens By the Bay festival program will be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Participate in Chinatown’s distinctive and bustling festival activities

Time: September 15 – October 14

Location: 5 Banda Street, Singapore

Families can certainly feel the Mid-Autumn Festival spirit in Chinatown, where the streets are lit with glistening lanterns. This year, a celebration with the theme “A Journey of Love and Celebration” will be held at Kreta Ayer Plaza.

The streets of New Bridge Road, Eu Tong Sen, South Bridge Road, and Upper Cross will transform into a world of celebrations from September 15 to October 14, as the sun goes down. The market in front of the People’s Park Complex building or the dining area on Smith Street is where visitors can find handcrafted items and sample local delicacies. In addition, on 16-17 September, spectacular performances by local artists will occupy Kreta Ayer Plaza.

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Indulge in a vibrant atmosphere with the Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 

Time: August 29 – October 1

Location: 12 Tai Gin Road, Singapore

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, families will be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of exciting activities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unwind with fascinating outdoor artworks and capture invaluable mementos in front of enormous panda lanterns.

During Open House on September 23 and 24, visitors can also participate in workshops to create panda-shaped lanterns and numerous active activities for children.

Enjoy the autumnal ambiance in a lantern-making and mooncake-baking class

Address: 120 McNair Spring or 333 Kreta Ayer, Singapore

Create your own paper lantern collages at the studio of Artisan Han to get in the atmosphere for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Attendees can choose the best course for their skill level and interests, ranging from painting and embellishing lanterns to making simple lantern collages to shaping traditional lanterns. Moreover, this reunion ceremony is a fantastic opportunity for the entire family to strengthen their bonds and express their artistic side.

In addition, visitors can participate in seminars on how to make pies and cold mooncakes, also known as snowskin mooncakes. These are two national cuisines of Singapore. Enrolling in the course will provide you with detailed instructions on fundamental theory, ingredients, and baking techniques, enabling you to create those two cakes with ease.

With its cutting-edge architecture and gorgeous green parks, Singapore enchants visitors and makes them wish they could visit at least once in their lives. In addition to giving the impression that summer will never end, this location is also teeming with activity. Occasionally, the majesty of Lion Island takes on a completely different appearance. Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the largest and most anticipated celebrations in the city, attracts a large number of residents and tourists. If you’re planning a trip to Singapore this fall, you’re in for a delight with this Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere.

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