Wuttisak Wuttiamporn: Slow-travel cuisine is a symphony of local whispers

Welcome, intrepid food explorers and culinary adventurers, to a journey unlike any other. Today, we step into the vibrant kitchens of Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection, and delve into the beating heart of its culinary genius – Executive Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn. For Chef Wuttisak, cooking is not merely a profession; it’s a symphony of passion, creativity, and cultural tapestry woven onto every plate. 

In the heart of Bangkok, where modernity hums and ancient temples whisper secrets, Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection, is a haven of luxury that pulsates with a different kind of magic. Beyond its dazzling facade and chic interiors lies a sanctuary for the palate – EKKALUCK, a restaurant where vibrant flavors dance on the tongue and every bite unveils a story. 

Orchestrating this delicious symphony is Wuttisak Wuttiamporn, Executive Chef and culinary alchemist, whose passion for Thai heritage and boundless creativity infuses each dish with an electrifying blend of tradition and innovation. 

Good morning, Wuttisak Wuttiamporn. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Wuttisak Wuttiamporn, a culinary storyteller with a fire in my heart and a passport full of flavors. Forget your expectations of traditional Thai cuisine. I am here to take you on a sensory adventure through Madi Paidi Bangkok Autograph Collection, where every dish is a vibrant explosion of creativity and local goodness. ️

How did the Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection attract you and the opportunity to work at this workplace?

Autograph Collection is the brand of storytelling and all about aesthetics, perfect for those Individualists who are living life like a masterclass. Each hotel is a product of passion, inspired by a clear vision, soul, and story that makes it individual and special. No two Autograph hotels are alike which mean that each has its own unique story and identity. The idea about uniqueness and the storytelling are what I am looking for in a place where I would like to work and allow my passion to explode. And this Marriott brand allows me the freedom to incorporate my own ideas and cooking style which inspires me to take on the challenge.

How would you describe your personal cooking style within 3 words? What is the most important feature that dishes of the Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection focus on?

Recipes are inspired by traditional Thai flavors and international favorites, crafted using the finest and freshest ingredients, then elevated to new levels of creativity and presented in extraordinary ways. I have a passion for the “locavore” movement and personally sources exceptional local and seasonal ingredients, including rare finds from niche suppliers, responsible farms and small-scale fisheries, to ensure that every dish has a unique back story and a sense of place. Customers will find either harmony and balance, or controversy and unusuality in my dishes. 

What do you think about a new trend of slow travel? Do you think the Madi Paidi Bangkok Autograph Collection is an ideal place for that trend of tourism?

As a chef who pours his heart and soul into every dish, I can’t help but see the parallels between it and the philosophy I bring to the kitchen. In a world obsessed with speed and instant gratification, slow travel reminds us to savor the journey, to truly immerse ourselves in the flavors of a place, and to connect with the people and cultures that give it its unique spice. Think about it: just as slow cooking coaxes out the deepest essence of an ingredient, slow travel allows us to delve beyond the tourist hotspots and discover the hidden gems – the backstreet markets overflowing with vibrant produce, the family-run restaurants where generations have perfected their craft, the unhurried conversations that reveal the soul of a place.

As for me, Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection meets all the necessary and sufficient standards to become an ideal place for slow travel. The hotel itself is full of stories. Guests staying with us can soak up the narrative and understand what makes it different. 

What is the development plan for Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection? A slow-travel destination or a sustainable destination? 

Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection does not aim to be just another hotel. It aspires to be a gateway to experiencing Bangkok like a Thong Lor local, not just a tourist. We’re not focused on speed or fleeting impressions, but on crafting immersive stays that leave a lasting, emotionally rich imprint on our guests.

Think of it as slow-travel with a twist. We provide the comforts and convenience of a luxury hotel, but with a focus on authentic experiences and cultural immersion. Our development plan revolves around creating remarkable moments that are both memorable and educational, allowing guests to truly understand and connect with the vibrant spirit of Thong Lor.

What do you think about the effect of slow travel on cuisine? Do you think your dishes at Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection are suitable for this trend? 

Slow travel offers a delightful opportunity to deepen the connection between cuisine and culture. Travelers who linger longer delve into the rhythm of a place, experiencing the stories behind dishes, the painstaking selection of ingredients, and the generations-old techniques that bring flavors to life. This fosters a profound appreciation for local delicacies, pushing beyond tourist fare to authentic, home-cooked meals enjoyed in intimate settings. Furthermore, you can use familiar and popular dishes and ingredients but enhance them in terms of taste, visuals and add a narrative to a dish.

At Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection, our dishes align perfectly with this slower, more mindful approach to food. We showcase the vibrant tapestry of Thai cuisine, featuring regional specialties prepared with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Whether it’s the delicate spice of a Northern curry or the smoky depth of a grilled Isaan skewer, every bite at Madi Paidi invites guests to savor the rich tapestry of Thailand’s culinary landscape. 

In your opinion, what does slow-travel food require? If you have an opportunity to prepare slow-travel dishes in the future, what would you focus on to attract your target diners? 

Slow-travel food, to me, is a symphony of local whispers and personal echoes. It sings of quality ingredients, sun-kissed fruits from nearby orchards, and seafood hauled fresh from the day’s tide. It murmurs of generations-old recipes, passed down with love and a sprinkle of family secrets. And above all, it hums with the unique rhythm of the place, reflecting the character of the land and the people who nurture it.

If I were crafting such a culinary tapestry, I’d weave elements of surprise and familiarity. My diners, seasoned travelers seeking deeper connections, would find themselves on a journey guided by local flavors. These dishes wouldn’t simply be plates of food; they’d be windows into the soul of the place. Each presentation would be a canvas for artistic expression, reflecting the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region. 

What would you say about your best dish while working in Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection? What are the top criteria to evaluate a delicious dish for you? 

I talked with guests who love the harmony and the balance of the dish. I also talk with guests who say it is unusual to use these ingredients with those ingredients. For example, when a guest tells me that my food is not normal, I feel that I did my job well and I feel like a compliment.

What kind of food do you think travelers experiencing slow tourism should not miss when coming to a new land? What are the dishes that you would recommend for slow-travel diners at Madi Paidi Bangkok Autograph Collection? 

Always remember where you are and do something local, while there are some dishes that work anyway in the world such as spaghetti. Why not make the best of those challenging the norm by crossing. Let’s inspire you, and I would literally say to go crazy and make it unique to your team.

What do you think sets your cooking apart from other chefs? Could you tell me about the greatest achievement while working at Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection? 

I don’t wanna be a follower. I want to create something different. I do look up to certain chefs who have gained global fame. I follow them online. Some I know personally. It is no crime to let others inspire you but always stay true to your own direction which again can be going beyond the norm, using the ingredient that you shouldn’t. When people talk about my food. It makes me happy and it means that me and my team do my job well.

Do you have any advice for people who want to be slow-travel chefs, especially for working at Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection? 

Marriott’s vision is to connect people through the power of travel. I encourage everyone to travel. Go to unexplored places. Sometimes with a plan, sometimes without. You will find surprises in some corners around little streets or remote areas. Keep looking for inspiration and don’t hold back on creativity and challenging the norm. Be open to do things differently and not always how the cookbook tells you to do.

Watch for the next chapters of our interview series, which will update you on a range of top-notch travel and culinary stories.

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