Travel Tips: Inspect the hotel carefully to avoid damage to yourself

Currently, there are numerous unfortunate incidents that result in the loss of money as well as the mental health of visitors following extended excursions. As a result, before staying in any hotel, a comprehensive examination is absolutely important to safeguard your safety and rights.

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It is not superfluous to thoroughly investigate before settling down at a destination because you will be traveling and staying for a specific period of time, whether it is one night or some days. Many individuals believe that double-checking facts while checking into a hotel is excessive and unnecessary; nevertheless, being cautious is never too much, and it doesn’t take much of your time.

Depending on the area, the safety level of each accommodation will be different, but those preparing to travel, work, or stay at hotels should always carefully inspect the room upon arrival to avoid unforeseen events. Here is a list of 4 things to inspect when checking into a hotel:

Door latch

Inspecting the door latch is mandatory when checking into a hotel. Check to verify if the hotel door has a chain latch as soon as you check in. Please use this latch when opening the door and checking to see who is knocking before removing the latch. However, it is best to be cautious and bring a door stopper to place at the foot of the door to prevent someone from breaking into your room unexpectedly.

Furthermore, lock and unlock the door multiple times to test the door latch’s strength. This helps to ensure that no one can break into the room while you are not present or while you are deep asleep to steal items or perform other criminal acts. Please take note of this, or block the chair in front of the room entrance for your own protection, especially the girls.

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Under the bed

There are sometimes valuable pieces of jewelry that have been dropped and pairs of shoes left behind that the staff have not cleaned thoroughly under the beds in hotels. More dangerously, it can also be a place where someone hides weapons and stimulants that cause danger or trouble for you.

Besides, under the bed can be a “den” for insects such as ants, cockroaches, bugs, etc., which can have a negative impact on your skin and health. Many different sorts of very small germs and parasites are to blame for your allergies, itching, and rashes, and you won’t notice their presence until you notice them. Checking under the bed while checking into a hotel is therefore critical to protecting oneself.

Hidden corners, electronic devices

Door corners, under chairs, behind curtains, wardrobes, etc. are supposed to be ideal spaces to contain hiding equipment for bad guys. Therefore, it is necessary to look over any room before moving in. Video and audio recording can threaten your safety and privacy.

Additionally, TV remotes and air conditioner controls can also be attached to eavesdropping devices, so they should be checked carefully before use. Besides, you need to make sure the TV and air conditioner can be used well in order to satisfy your needs at the hotel.

Let’s turn off all the lights and use the flashlight on your phone to observe if there are any unusual rays of light emitted inside the room. Especially under mirrors, sockets, and objects opposite the bed.

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A phone in the room

It is essential to call the front desk as soon as you arrive. Maybe you’ve never done it before, but start doing it now to secure your safety when staying in a hotel. After checking in, use your cell phone to call the front desk to ensure that you may contact the hotel for assistance whenever you need it. During your stay at the hotel, keep the receptionist’s phone number in your phone contacts.

Remember these 4 things to check carefully when going to any room during your business or vacation trip to avoid unwanted safety incidents as well as problems and disputes.

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