Top 4 Famous Foods To Try In Washington, D.C

When asked what the most appealing aspect of Washington, DC is, most visitors would mention the fantastic cuisine excursions they have taken. They can certainly name iconic landmarks, long-lasting museums, historical monuments, the magnificent cherry blossom scene, and the Capitol building, but Washington, DC’s cuisine is a different story.

If you’re looking for a gastronomic destination to fulfill your appetites, downtown Washington, DC is the place to be. Here is a list of signature foods recommended by Wanderlust Tips USA that you should taste if you visit Washington, DC.

With a varied range of culinary choices, from signature dishes like the half-smoke to international delicacies like spicy pupusas, it is no surprise that eating Washington’s cuisine has become one of the most worthwhile hobbies in the USA. There are even events in Washington, DC that are solely focused on cuisine.

Let’s dive into our list of four must-eat iconic foods in Washington, DC, to become one of the city’s most seasoned foodies.

Original Chili Half-Smoke 

A modest half-smoke is renowned as an iconic Washington meal, made with a hint of hot pepper, some fiercely guarded secret spices, half-smoke hot dogs, and distinctive casings that give a pleasingly crisp snap when tucked in your mouth.

You may easily find vendors selling delectable meals on any given corner. There are also other street meals that pair well with the modest half-smoke, such as French fries and a bun topped with onions, classic yellow mustard, or drenched in chili and cheese. If you like luxury foods and have always wanted to try the simple half-smoke in a classy restaurant, you may do so at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Photo: American Eats

Jumbo-Sized Pizza 

It is comparable to, but larger than, New York pizza. A slice may require two paper plates. In DC, this particular dish, noted for its size, is part nostalgia.

When it comes to ingredients and construction, it’s difficult to tell it apart from a normal New York slice. With a rather thin crust and a cheese blend and mozzarella mix that contains the usual taste of exceptional food. The size of each slice, on the other hand, is officially a memorable point, making it Washington’s famous dish.

You’re thinking about how to consume it, aren’t you? Don’t worry; it’s always foldable before it’s given to customers, which makes the mechanics of eating it a lot easier. Previously, jumbo-sized pizza was selected as a common snack that could easily feed a small family or cure a massive hangover. To get even more carbs, head up 18th Street in Adams Morgan to Pizza Mart and Bestolli Pizza for jumbo-sized selections, or order takeaway and enjoy it on the street.


Saganaki is one of Greece’s most popular dishes, prepared from thinly sliced Graviera cheese and a recipe for French fries from the gorgeous island of Greece. Nonetheless, Saganaki is well-known in Washington, ranking towards the top of the city’s cuisine.

Many travelers come to Washington solely to dine at some of the top Greek restaurants and eat Saganaki. Saganaki, a Greek cheese dish, is constantly cooked in a skillet to keep it warm. Your tongue will zing with warm, melted delight when you bite into the crispy surface.

The Kefalograviera cheese will be fried directly at your table with a little lemon at Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill. This is a laid-back neighborhood where descendants of Greek immigrants prepare classic Greek dishes with a modern touch. If you need proof of the dish’s renown, simply ask the locals. We believe that the majority of inhabitants will shout the hard-earned brand’s praises.

Mezze Rigatoni Pasta 

The baby brother of the iconic ridged tube-shaped pasta, Mezzi Rigatoni is a diminutive and short variant of the tube-shaped original, made with ridges that help the sauce adhere. This is one of Southern Italy’s most delectable dishes. The Mezzi Rigatoni pasta has a wonderful hollow shape that allows it to store sauces and minor components.

Even the most ardent pasta connoisseurs can be perplexed by the diversity of shapes and variants available. If you want to try the real dish, go to the historic Bloomingdale district, where there are few excellent cafes serving the Mezzi Rigatoni pasta, including a sibling restaurant to the Jersey-style pizza shop All-Purpose.

There’s nothing fancy about it; the pasta is frequently cooked in a saucepan with tomatoes, pig fennel sausage ragu, and pecorino romano. The classic Italian dish, on the other hand, will take you to Tuscany the instant you bite into it.

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