The World’s 10 Best Authentic Must-Try Foods

People often want to test the original taste of a meal owing to its unique flavor and culture when it comes to cuisine. However, many of the highlighted foods are readily available and reproduced in many ways in today’s modern world. So, here’s a list of some of the most authentic foods you should taste at least once in your life!

1. Pho, Vietnam

Pho is one of Vietnam’s most popular noodle dishes. This popular morning dish began in Hanoi and evolved into a delicate, well-balanced dish with beef and rice noodles. Since its inception, the dish has been associated with the national mentality and has undergone major alterations. Chefs have sweetened the broth and added herbs and spices to make it more popular in the south. While people continue to dispute the finest pho location, the meal retains its original flavor.

2. Xiao Long Bao, Taiwan

When people think of Taiwan, they think of Xiao Long Bao, a steamed dumpling also known as soup dumplings. A thin, soft crusted dumpling encased in a hot meat and seafood filling. The filling secretes a sweet broth during the steaming process, which stimulates the diner’s taste buds. Breakfast is frequently served with Xiao Long Bao. Although no information is available regarding the chef who created this meal, it is thought to have originated in Shanghai. Taiwan, on the other hand, is truly a site to disseminate this dish globally.

3. Pad Thai, Thailand

Pad Thai is a Thai national cuisine comprised of rice noodles and thick sauces that is famous for being delicious, healthful, and inexpensive. The seafood, beef, bean sprouts, tofu, and eggs are stir-fried in a sauce mixture with four flavors: sour, spicy, salty, and sweet. Pad Thai is a healthful dish, thus people are recommended to eat it as a main course to safeguard their health. This meal was used to win a public contest to identify the best noodle dish in the country.

4. Tacos, Mexico

Tacos are a distinguishing element of Mexican cuisine. This popular Mexican dish, which has many guests continually whispering, includes a cornmeal shell with a filling of various cooked meats such as pig, beef, chicken, or fish. Tacos typically include meat that is bright yellow or light brown in hue, with green vegetables and red chili sauce. It is also frequently topped with salsa, onions, and finely chopped coriander to add flavor to the dish. The filling will be modified and blended differently depending on the diners’ preferences. The most popular, though, is arguably still Tacos al Pastor, which are fashioned from marinated pig skewers grilled over a red-hot flame. The combination of these components results in a colorful and appealing cake.

5. Pizza, Italy

Pizza was originally envisioned as a flatbread with numerous types of toppings. It was a food for poor people at the time, sold along the sidewalk. Later, depending on the region, pizza has innumerable different versions. However, no recipe for this meal has been published. People are still impressed and consider it a typical dish from Italian cuisine, despite the fact that this dish is omnipresent in many countries around the world, when a pizza called “Pizza Margherita” was made in honor of the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, with coffee, sour cream, cheese, and basil as colors on the Italian flag. 

6. Moussaka, Greek

Moussaka, one of the most valuable values of Greek cuisine, is well-known around the world. Moussaka is made by layering fried eggplant with lamb and tomatoes. This dish is ideal for baking with bechamel sauce on top of the last layer of meat. The traditional way to make Greek eggplant moussaka. You can, however, layer in zucchini or other vegetables of your choice. Because it is robust and full, it does not require any side dishes. Until recently, moussaka was probably the most well-known of all Greek foods.

7. Sushi, Japanese

Sushi is a vinegared rice dish that is typically served with fish, eggs, or seaweed. The Japanese have known since ancient times how to incubate fish, shrimp, and shellfish into rice balls to preserve their exquisite taste. Rice is frequently blended with vinegar during this procedure for a sweet and tangy flavor. As a result, the brewing fish in rice is changed into sushi. Sushi comes in a variety of forms, the most popular of which are sushi balls (nigirizushi) and sushi rolls (makizushi). Sushi processing differs according to area in Japan. Sushi sans seafood is prepared with fried eggs with sugar. Sushi rolls with natto, a well-known Japanese fermented soybean paste, can also be served with wasabi or shoyu.

8. Coq au vin, French

A traditional chicken meal stewed in wine known as ‘coq au vin’ is one of France’s most famous dishes. This is an excellent meal for a dinner party because it tastes even better the next day. You can make the entire dish ahead of time and reheat it gently as needed. By adding bread, you can create the ideal meal for cold weather. This recipe was not recorded until the twentieth century, most notably when Julia Child published it in her book The Art of French Cooking in 1961.

9. Kimchi, Korea

Korean kimchi is a fermented and pickled vegetable dish. Kimchi has been worldwide acknowledged for hundreds of years as a food containing numerous good bacterias for health, including effective cancer and aging prevention. Kimchi is also consumed on a seasonal basis. Traditional kimchi, for example, is offered all year, but green onion kimchi (pa kimchi) is eaten in the spring, cucumber kimchi (oi sobagi) in the summer, and radish kimchi (dongchimi) in the winter. Kimchi has spread all across the world, with many diverse variants.

10. Doner kebab, Turkey

Doner kebab is becoming a famous morning dish all over the world due to its ease of preparation. This Turkish-style grilled beef sandwich has a wonderfully sweet flavor. Meat is cooked on skewers indefinitely before being sliced and mixed with vegetables and spices. The sauce will be responsible for the dish’s success, but the luscious meat will also provide a memorable experience.

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