The breathtaking beauty of Korean autumn will astound you

Korea, known as a tourist paradise that visitors hope to visit once in their lifetime, always contains an extremely strange attraction with a romantic image witnessed through the “small screen”. In particular, the natural scenery in Korean autumn makes everyone admire a country filled with colorful leaves.

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Autumn is supposed to be the shortest season of the year, usually lasting from mid-September to November. When it comes to the most popular seasons in Korea, you might visualize getting exposure to all the roads filled with red and yellow leaves, whether in the city center or on a remote island, which create an extremely poetic scene, not unlike romantic Korean movies.

There is no doubt that autumn in Korea is one of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world, and those who are passionate about this country must definitely witness it at least once in their lives. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the ideal destinations suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA will liven up your autumn vacations in Korea.

Namsan: The green heart of the entire capital, Seoul

Namsan Park, located at the foot of N Seoul Tower, is considered the green heart of Seoul, where numerous trees change with the seasons. Autumn colors brighten the surroundings, making the scene even more poetic. Namsan Park, a calm spot in the heart of Seoul amid skyscrapers, appears to be isolated from the hustle and bustle. No one is in a rush along beautiful roads but instead walks leisurely on the fallen leaves’ feet, occasionally halting to capture photographs.

In order to immerse yourself in the unique Korean autumn, you should stroll in the park or stand on the Namsan tower to admire autumn throughout the city. Anywhere, autumn in Seoul has its own beauty, from poetic and magical under the canopy of trees to overwhelming with the panoramic view of the city like a magical multicolored painting. It can be said that Seoul’s autumn has extremely cinematic colors in movies, but in real life, the beauty is extremely eye-catching.

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Naejangsan: The most charming national park in Korea

Naejangsan, located in Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea, is known as the best mountain to enjoy Korean autumn. In Korean, naejang means “hidden secret”, which is why the Naejangsan mountain region hides in it the stunning secret of the warm autumn color of maple leaves. Korea’s charming and poetic national park is a place that attracts a huge influx of tourists every autumn thanks to not only cool and pleasant weather but also beautiful scenery that is poetic and romantic, not inferior to anywhere in Korea.

Featuring a large area with countless species of plants, Naejangsan has an outstanding hot tone, including yellow, orange, and red, as shown by the color changes of diverse leaves, especially those of many maple trees. Besides, there are also persimmon trees laden with fruit cultivated carefully, which is chosen as an autumn specialty in Korea. Even in the ripe persimmon season, the leaves have fallen so that the succulent exposed persimmons further adorn the natural scenery of this country.

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Jangtaesan: The Korean renowned natural recreation forest

Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest, located in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Daejeon. It’s not quite a popular place, but in the autumn, this forest in Korea’s “Science and Technology City” has extremely breathtaking beauty.

Not bright red or golden like other places, autumn in Jangtaesan Forest turns a beautiful orange color in all areas. Inside the forest, there are a lot of different amenities, including waterways, recreational facilities, Skyway observatories, entertainment areas, etc.In particular, this place has barefoot walking flowers and a suspension bridge for you to experience a unique and extremely interesting autumn.

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Uidong: The brilliant golden village every autumn

Uidong village, located in Geochang district, Kyungsang Nam province, is lovingly called the golden village because when autumn is right around the corner, the whole village seems to be covered with the brilliant yellow color of ginkgo trees.

Nothing can be more wonderful than getting away from the hustle and bustle by taking in the impressive rows of trees along both sides of the platinum road, where you can admire the natural beauty of autumn. Just a light breeze is enough to create a “happy rain of silver leaves”. Yellow leaves seem to have carpeted the whole way, and the whole house is covered with leaves, making the village even more poetic and magical. Just strolling with a bit of sunshine and a bit of wind on these tree-lined paths and holding hands with your loved one is truly no different from romantic movies in Korea.

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