Samgyetang: A nutritious traditional Korean dish

In Korea, where it is frigid all year, ginseng stewed chicken soup is an appropriate dish that will satisfy even the most discerning guests. Visit a well-known chicken soup restaurant that has received the Michelin Star for culinary excellence.

Ginseng stewed chicken soup is an excellent alternative for a cheap and nutritious meal for the body. It is a well-known traditional Korean meal. And there’s more. This dish has earned a Michelin Guide at a restaurant that specializes in it.


What exactly is Samgyetang?

According to the official website of South Korea’s Rural Development Administration, samgyetang, also known as ginseng stewed chicken soup, has been a classic dish of Korean cuisine since the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). However, while Japan was still a colonial power in 1910, the ginseng stewed chicken dish became popular among wealthier Koreans. This traditional Korean dish’s symbolic meaning is “food is medicine.” Chicken has been thought to be a special favorite food when it is hot since ancient times. On the warmest days of the year, Koreans typically eat ginseng chicken or black bean porridge. Furthermore, this meal dates back to a time when decent food was scarce in Korea. In today’s modern period, this chicken stew dish is being sold in an increasing number of eateries throughout Korea.

The Michelin Guide recognizes an outstanding Ginseng chicken stew restaurant in Korea

Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup, located near the City Hall Subway Station in Seoul, is a must-visit for anybody interested in Korean food. This second-generation restaurant has served hundreds of bowls of chicken soup every day since it originally started in the 1960s. At Goryeo Samgyetang restaurant, chicken soup is produced by boiling entire chicken with dates, garlic, sticky rice, and various Korean herbs to create a tasty and nutritious soup. Goryeo Samgyetang is unique in that it exclusively uses ginseng cultivated in Geumsan and 7-week-old chickens from local farms. A chicken packed with sticky rice and simmered in a broth containing water, dried apple, garlic, and ginger. This delicacy, which contains ginseng and abalone, is said to improve stamina. This soup is finest served with rice and is frequently kept warm in antique stone pots, allowing diners to savor every last drop.

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Ginseng stewed chicken soup is a traditional Korean dish that helps people stay warm and reduces dehydration on cold winter days. It is supposed to be only acceptable in the winter, however it is most commonly consumed in the summer. The reason for this is that the people of the ‘kimchi’ land favor traditional medicine in the samgyetang. Aside from the classic chicken stew, there are many more traditional Korean foods to try, such as roasted chicken and abalone rice porridge.

When it comes to Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup, diners would be negligent if they did not order the traditional Samgyetang. The sweet taste of ginseng, the fiery taste of garlic, and the perfume of Chinese palm all combine to create a delicious dish that will leave customers speechless.

Diners will experience the full flavor of Jeonbok Samgyetang by adding a piece of abalone to the Samgyetang. This recipe is a little more opulent, but it also contains more nutrients for the body.

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Ogolgyetang, a possibly nutritious chicken meal with numerous antioxidant advantages to human health, is another healthy alternative. If you’ve never tried this meal before, Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup is the perfect spot for you to get your first taste.

The majority of the dishes are served with glutinous rice and ginseng, which is unusual. This stimulates the taste buds and makes the person feel more tasty. For these reasons, we cannot deny that this restaurant prioritizes food quality.

Furthermore, Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup features a welcoming atmosphere decorated in a modern but popular manner. According to some diners, the service personnel is always kind and eager to welcome clients. The elements that make this location one of the most popular restaurants in Korea are the good service and inexpensive costs.

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Chicken soup has long been regarded as a typical Korean meal, beloved both locally and globally. This low-cost cuisine is highly healthy and easy to digest, supplying people with energy. There is no doubt that this is a Michelin-starred establishment with great food. It is regarded as prestigious proof of its excellent cookery.

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