Rémy Cadière: Hospitality grows when it innovates for development

Rémy Cadière, General Manager of the Mereva, Alea, and Nerea Hotels by Nahuma, three boutique hotels located on the Bay of Tankah in Tulum, Mexico, consented to an exclusive interview with Wanderlust Tips USA. From the north of the United States, the beauty of Mexico will be clearly depicted by the valuable information shared by Rémy Cadière.

Mereva, Alea, and Nerea Hotels by Nahuma, which feature a diverse natural environment and a culture influenced by both traditional indigenous culture and Spanish culture, are exceptional accommodations for eco-travel enthusiasts. Additionally, travel devotees have a greater chance of being exposed to a specialist’s comprehensive analysis of tourism’s new potential in 2024.

Bonjour, Monsieur Rémy Cadière! Could you kindly introduce yourself to the readers of Wanderlust Tips USA?

Hello everyone! My name is Rémy Cadière, and I am the General Manager of Mereva, Alea, and Nerea, three beautiful boutique hotels in Tulum, Mexico’s Bay of Tankah. It would be excellent to share additional information with travelers.

Why did you decide to join Mereva, Alea, and Nerea Hotels by Nahum?

Due to family obligations, I returned to Mexico after acquiring experience in the hospitality industry with different hotel groups in various countries. An acquaintance recommended me for the position based on my experience at a massive all-inclusive resort. Mereva, formerly Blue Sky Tulum, which had undergone recent expansion and required guidance and new implementations, and Alea, which was to open six months later, were my first experiences with boutique lifestyle hotels. I had always been eager to broaden my vision and knowledge of the hospitality industry through exposure to various concepts. Later, the owner invited me to participate in the development and management of the Nerea initiative, which I ultimately oversaw.

What challenges do Mereva, Alea, and Nerea Hotels by Nahuma face in the tourism industry’s accelerated evolution?

Tulum as well as the entire Mayan Riviera are known as marvelous destinations that have undergone extensive and rapid development in the last few years. Consequently, consumer expectations are shifting toward experiences that benefit the environment and local communities.

My team and I view these obstacles as an opportunity to enhance our service and comply with the state tourism secretary’s most recent sustainability guidelines. Since 2019, for instance, our properties have implemented a comprehensive recycling program and eliminated single-use plastics. Even the complimentary glass vessels provided to our guests are returned to the manufacturer for reuse.

What is the long-term strategic direction of Mereva, Alea, and Nerea Hotels by Nahuma? A remarkable boutique hotel with refined services or a bayfront oasis with unique outdoor activities.

Mereva, Alea, and Nerea are situated close to the shore, allowing them to participate in daily outdoor activities along with the rest of the region. This is a privilege that can only be maintained by protecting and preserving the extensive and breathtaking natural environment surrounding us. Our focus will always be on providing the highest quality service possible, without being ostentatious or pretentious, but rather authentic and genuine. In addition to taking care of our team’s well-being, we believe this is what will distinguish us as exceptional boutique hotels.

How do you view the prospects of the hospitality industry following the significant return of tourism in 2023?

It is in everyone’s ADN to travel and explore; however, the pandemic had a significant impact on the preferences and expectations of travelers around the globe, followed by a period of readjustment, which we are currently experiencing.

Twenty-one hundred twenty-two was the greatest year for Tulum; twenty-three was the year of full reactivation for Europe; twenty-four will undoubtedly be the year of reactivation for Asia; and twenty-five will be the year of normalization of travel preferences.

Travelers are selecting destinations that were inaccessible due to travel restrictions as they progressively reopen, and once these locations have been visited again, their reputations will undoubtedly grow. To remain ahead of the ever-increasing competition, hotels must continually reinvent and modernize their services in accordance with new expectations and trends. This is the industry’s beauty: it never ceases to evolve.

What are some helpful recommendations for tines of travel in Mexico? What are the must-try items in this city?

The Mexican Caribbean is renowned for the variety of its tourist attractions and activities. Whether you come to enjoy the white sand beaches, to discover the Mayan ruins, to explore the underground freshwater rivers and famous cenotes (underground and semi-open caves with fresh water), or for wild entertainment, refined shopping, and exquisite dining, the region has it all, and no matter the length of your stay, it won’t be enough to try it all at once; you’ll always need to plan a return trip because you’ll always discover something new.

What are your outside-of-work interests?

There are numerous enjoyable activities that help me transition from disconnection to reconnection. Taking long walks and going to the beach with my wife and dog are at the top of the list, along with savoring a nice dinner and conversation.

Consider them one of the factors that facilitate your development as a general manager?

The hotel groups for which I formerly worked introduced me to the concept of work-life balance, which has been of paramount importance to me since then. I advocate it daily with my teams in order to maintain a healthy workplace and high productivity.

What is the most memorable moment of your career? A challenging situation you and your teammates overcame, or significant accomplishments in your life.

In the early years of my career in Puerto Rico, a cyclone forced us to evacuate the hotel due to a lack of electricity and, as a result, lifesaving systems. The work accomplished by the entire crew who remained on board during the storm and during the subsequent evacuation was outstanding, and being a part of the entire experience has enabled me to comprehend what teamwork and hospitality are all about.

What message do you wish to convey to modern-day travelers?

Travel is a pleasure that should be conducted with the utmost regard for the locales visited. Frequently, we appear to neglect to be appreciative of what the planet has to offer. Respect the individuals and communities that have been kind enough to welcome you.

Keep a watch out for the upcoming editions of our interview series, which will inform you of a variety of travel news.

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