Pumpkin: An indispensable specialty in German autumn

From dishes to festivals filled with pumpkins, Germany seems to take on a new look as it enters autumn. Pumpkins appear on the streets of this country, bringing a cozy taste to people with their characteristic yellow-orange color of autumn. Few people know that pumpkin is considered an indispensable specialty of the German season.

In the fall, the temperature drops, and many leaves fall, but these are good conditions for pumpkin growth. This type of squash appears in most German homes, from the kitchen to the porch. Therefore, even in this country, people also have pumpkin season, the time when people can see this orange-yellow fruit all over Germany.

Pumpkins in season can be found in bakeries and restaurants across Germany. Pumpkins in this country are considered the most perfect autumn symbol. Perhaps it is because the natural orange color makes people think of the brilliance and sweetness of the season of changing leaves.

Unique Pumpkin Dishes in Germany

In Germany, pumpkin is a preferred meal. Recipes for the most diverse and creative dishes, including soups, mixed vegetables, and pumpkin substitutes in traditional dishes like dumplings, are in great demand every year as fall officially begins.

Amazing fatty flavor in pumpkin soup

On a cold fall night, this recipe for creamy pumpkin soup is superb. Packed with a warm curry flavor, it’s comforting, nourishing, and delicious. Typical creamy taste from milk cream and aged pumpkin. Enjoy while it’s still hot and you’ll see the rich, creamy taste of milk cream and pumpkin blended. The taste will be stronger when cooled but the aroma will still be attractive.

A salad dish with the sweet flavor of autumn pumpkin

As a nutritious and healthy dish, pumpkin salad is a close friend in German meals in the fall. The fleshy flavor of pumpkin blends with the freshness of salad and other vegetables, along with the sour taste of tomatoes, giving diners a fresh and delicious feeling. Enjoying that wonderful flavor in the fall is a wonderful experience.

A wonderful experience in the fall with pumpkin pie

Pumpkin cake is a dessert originating from America but widely popular in Germany. Pumpkins are considered a symbol of harvest time, so pumpkin pie is often eaten in the fall or early winter. In Germany, this cake is often eaten on holidays such as Thanksgiving or pumpkin season. Pumpkin cake is very simple to make, the filling inside is mainly pumpkin, has the fatty taste of milk, and a lot of spices are mixed. Usually, pumpkin pie spice includes cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and possibly allspice.

Classical pumpkin flavor in pumpkin dumplings

This pumpkin dumpling recipe contains all the great components of the traditional comfort food dish with a seasonal twist. A final flourish of pillowy-soft pumpkin dumplings elevates a creamy chicken soup with autumn squash to the next level. As the seasons begin to change, enjoy this warm and comforting dish as the ideal Sunday supper. How wonderful the ideal pumpkin dish is!

Germany’s biggest pumpkin festival season

The largest pumpkin festival in the world, held annually in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from September to October. Thousands of people attended the event to take in the enormous pumpkin creations and sample the local food.

Around 450,000 pumpkins of 800 distinct types are grown in Ludwigsburg annually. Many pumpkins have been cultivated around Germany in preparation for the celebration. The seedlings were carried back to Ludwigsburg and developed into enormous pumpkins about a month later. Since its inception in 2000, Ludwigsburg City has hosted an annual Pumpkin Festival that draws more than 400,000 tourists to its various pumpkin-themed decorations. 

To make particularly eye-catching artworks from pumpkins, such as comic book figures, dinosaurs, animals, and birds, many artists participated in the event. People take part in the pumpkin carving competition, particularly in the festival area. Both adults and kids are eligible to enter the contest.

Throughout the city during the festival’s days, odd street dishes with pumpkin as the primary ingredient, such as pumpkin spaghetti, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cakes, and fried pumpkin, are available. A 555-liter pot of pumpkin soup is also made to be served to customers. The organizing committee will make a charitable donation from the proceeds of the soup sales. Additionally, during the holiday season, pumpkin-based wines and beers are particularly well-liked by visitors.

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