Premium Dining On Vietnam’s Unesco-Site Ha Long Bay

Paradise Delight will take you on a 5-star voyage across the majestic Ha Long Bay, complete with exquisite fine dining, a musical feast, and an exclusive spectacle show.

The Paradise Delight Cruise is Halong Bay’s largest dining cruise

Modern European design with unique accents

With a length of 80 meters and a capacity of up to 360 passengers, Paradise Delight is the largest dining cruise on Halong Bay. The ship has four decks and two fine-dining banqueting rooms named El Loto and El Jazmin after the stunning blooms associated with Vietnam.

Each restaurant opens to an exceptional dining space with a breathtaking view of the bay. The multimillion-dollar cruise ship has a sophisticated European interior design with infinity arched glass doors that embrace the restaurants. Guests can enjoy a spectacular gastronomic feast that can only be matched by views of the breathtaking bay at sunset, or a more romantic setting at dusk.

After dinner, guests can enjoy a glass of fine wine or an eye-catching cocktail on the sundeck or at the brand new La Rosa Terrace, located at the top of the stern, while basking in the gentle sea breezes that envelop the heritage bay. Children can enjoy their tiny world with safe toys and activities at the bay’s one and only Kids’ Club, allowing parents to relax and fully indulge in first-class dining, entertainment, and sightseeing.

Delicious Eurasian cuisine

Paradise Delight prepares delectable feasts for the most discriminating palates. The cruise offers a delectable menu of over 100 European and Asian delicacies, including fresh seafood caught in the bay, as well as a wide selection of premium wines. Guests are treated to an abundance of seafood and signature dishes, such as oysters, scallops, lobsters, and king prawns, which are incorporated into Korean, Japanese, and Western cuisine.

International gourmet cuisine is served at the two fine-dining restaurants

Lotos restaurant on the main deck seats up to 200 people and offers a classy and sophisticated buffet dining experience. You can also enjoy a French-style canapé party with delicately presented snacks and eye-catching cocktails and fresh juices during the evening cruise. With a capacity of 100 diners, Jazmin on the upper deck offers an upscale cuisine experience with eight menus, making it a classy choice for private or romantic parties. Our talented chefs prepare each dish, ensuring the highest culinary standards.

This fine-dining experience is complemented by a visual feast of 360-degree views of the distinctive landscape through a massive glass dome.

Amazing artistic performance

A never-before-seen spectacle show is performed against the backdrop of Ha Long’s magnificent nightscape during your voyage on Paradise Delight. Customers have the opportunity to witness the state-of-the-art show, hosted by the renowned director of the world-renowned “Tonkin of Quintessence,” Hoang Nhat Nam, for the first time, which simply elevates the entire experience. To round out the experience, customers can sit back and enjoy the groundbreaking spectacle staged entirely on a cruise, allowing them to fully appreciate the endless beauty of the natural landscape combined with diverse state-of-the-art visual effects.

The Philippines band takes the stage for a memorable evening performance

Another must-see event is live music performed by a Philippine band while savoring the essence of global cuisines. The excursion on board the unparalleled masterpiece that is Paradise Delight not only tantalizes the taste buds; it also triggers all the senses with a stunning 4-hour itinerary that combines iconic sites such as “the little Dubai” Reu Island, Vung Oan Island, Sun Wheel, and Thien Cung Cave.

Paradise Delight is the ideal meeting place for mesmerizing shows, large parties, and conferences, thanks to its premium cuisine, world-class services, ample capacity, and high-end facilities. Furthermore, the sundeck is an excellent location for taking in the legendary scenery.

Paradise Delight is the most eagerly anticipated addition for leisure-seekers in Halong Bay, with exclusive activities in the most luxurious of spaces and top-notch services delivered from the heart.

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