Overwhelmed with joy when visiting 3 amazing theme parks in Korea

Not only well-known for its charming natural landscape and busy metropolitan regions blended with traditional touches, Korea is also famous for being one of Asia’s top entertainment hotspots. You may navigate the Earth or go to an adventurous world in fairy tales if you get lost at Korea’s theme parks.

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1. Everland Theme Park: A miniature world in the heart of Korea

The largest theme park in Korea, Everland Theme Park, is encircled by picturesque hills and mountains. The park was created to provide intriguing and unexpected experiences to both domestic and foreign visitors. The five distinct regions of Everland Theme Park provide a series of interesting games. 

Global Fair is the first to be mentioned among them. Visitors will have the chance to view and purchase a wide variety of foods, souvenirs, and handicrafts that combine the cultures of Asia and Europe. Tourists will be immediately impressed by majestic and splendid castles that mimic the distinctive architecture of Eastern nations right at the main entrance. Additionally, live musical acts and entertaining 3D animations are available directly on the fairgrounds. Next, youngsters love to visit the Zootopia Wild Zoo when they visit Everland Korea Park. Safari World is a forest home to rare and wild animals including lions, bears, and tigers while the Herbivore Safari is a place for gentle herbivores like camels and giraffes. Aside from seeing cuddly pandas, another advantage of visiting Panda World is the opportunity to play the Amazon Express water skiing game on an artificial river that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Moreover, Magic Land will take you into a mysterious, colorful fairy tale world. This location is well-known for Aesop’s Village, promising to reveal a secret realm of discovery when several well-known cartoon characters from childhood appeared there.

European Adventure is the next distinctive theme of Overland Park, a “miniature Europe” in the center of Korea. This location is renowned for having the biggest tilting wooden roller coaster in the world. Additionally, European Adventure offers a variety of adventure games including Double Rock Spin, Dragon Coaster, and Mystery Mansion that transport you into an exhilarating adventure setting. Seoul Everland Park is the only place in Korea that magically transports you from one continent to another. You will experience a very real sense of being lost in the midst of America when you visit American Adventure. History, culture, and people will all be vividly portrayed as dusty cowboys in the American West.

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2. Seoul Grand Park: The first large-scale theme park in Korea

Seoul Grand Park, located on the outskirts of Seoul city, is a complex park between ecotourism and a unique amusement park, which is divided into themes such as an ecological tree hill area, mountainside walking path, zoo, rose garden, Seoul Land amusement park, Seoul Museum of Art. This is an attractive entertainment destination for all tourists, especially family trips.

Visitors may explore the ecological tree hill, which lies behind the park’s entrance. There is a walkway that leads to the rose garden, which has extensive fields of flowers of many shapes, sizes, and colors. After that, tourists may visit the zoo to witness creatures that are popular in Korea’s mountainous regions. It should be noted that this area typically shuts sooner than other places so you should first visit the zoo. You may also go to the museum or take a stroll along the mountainside.

In addition, Seoul Land, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and many games for all ages, is the most attractive amusement park in Seoul Grand Park. This will be especially the ideal destination for a family trip. There are various entertainment options here, ranging from kid-friendly games to many interesting entertainments such as roller coasters, botanical gardens, archery, skiing in the winter, and swimming pools in the summer.

Embark on thrilling rides and roller coasters as you travel through the park’s five themed areas, including World Plaza, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrowland, and Samchully Hill. Take some time to stroll through the park and World Square to explore local customs and architecture if you choose not to play those adventure games. 

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3. Lotte World: A fairy world in reality

One of the must-visit destinations in Seoul’s central district is Lotte World. This is a renowned amusement park with indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces that draw both domestic and foreign visitors to play thrilling and daring activities. Both the outdoor theme park Magic Island and the indoor adventure park Lotte World Adventure are part of Lotte World. Visitors may ride a massive hot air balloon to get a full view of the area.

The park also offers spectacular and lively festivals, such as the Venice mask festival in Italy, the Rio Carnival with the charming Samba dance, the Halloween costume festival, and the Christmas festival. Additionally, there is a large carnival parade to welcome in the new year called “Lotty’s Adventure” with the appearance of two American panda characters, Lotty and Lorry.

All of the roads and structures in the indoor park are constructed and designed in European style, giving visitors a sense of modernity and sophistication. For people who want to explore and try new things, there are adventure games in the Adventure Zone. Visitors can admire pictures of a tiny Korea at the Museum of Ethnology in the Lotte Adventure area, showcasing traditional Korean daily life, and culture with many models of famous architectural heritages in the Joseon.

Crossing the bridge leading to the indoor adventure area, tourists can reach a romantic artificial Magic Island in the midst of Seokchon Lake. The exciting activities of this amusement park include roller coasters, free-falling games, and vertical falling games. Along with playing exciting activities, you may create stunning images at the enigmatic photo area, which you can retain as a keepsake for your friends and family.

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