ORYZ Saigon: A Culinary Symphony in the Heart of Glittering Saigon

ORYZ Saigon – A new dining destination in Saigon, promising to bring diners a unique and refined culinary experience. This is the ideal place for those who love to discover unique flavors, blending the essence of East Asian cuisine with the characteristics of Vietnam.

Step into the world of fine dining at ORYZ Saigon, where discerning patrons will immerse themselves in a symphony of flavors that are both creative and refined. Nestled in the heart of bustling Saigon, ORYZ Saigon offers diners a unique culinary experience, harmoniously blending East Asian cultures, with 80% of the ingredients carefully selected from local Vietnamese sources.

ORYZ Saigon

Saigon – Cholon: A Culinary Journey Through the Rich History and Culture of Saigon

This summer, ORYZ Saigon and Chef Chris JH Fong are delighted to introduce their new menu, “Saigon – Cholon”. The menu features 12 unique dishes inspired by the region’s distinctive Chinese-flavored cuisine, taking diners on a vibrant journey through the bustling streets, bustling markets, and diverse cultural tapestry of Cholon. The dishes are beautifully presented and refined, each dish a story telling the tale of Saigon’s rich culture and history.

The culinary journey begins with Baked Char Siu Bao, filled with salted duck egg and served with homemade pickles. The soft and fragrant buns melt in your mouth, complemented by the savory and rich char siu filling, a hint of saltiness from the salted duck egg, and the refreshing tang of the pickles, awakening all of the diner’s senses. Next comes Hu Tieu Cá (Fish Noodle), a staple dish of everyday life for Saigon and southern Vietnam. The chewy rice noodles are bathed in a clear and sweet broth made from smoked mackerel cooked with tomatoes and ginger, delivering a simple yet unforgettable flavor.

Banh Bia with Ca Mau Dried Shrimp Sauce is an explosion of flavors, tantalizing the taste buds with the delicate interplay of the crispy shell, the rich sweetness of the beef, and the intense aroma of Ca Mau dried shrimp sauce. Each bite is seasoned just right, then fried to a golden crisp, and coated in the rich dried shrimp sauce, creating an irresistible flavor.

ORYZ Saigon

Next, Mango Gyoza with Mango Skin delivers a burst of flavor with its fresh and succulent crab meat filling, enveloped in a clear and sweet broth, subtly infused with the aroma of Ben Tre shiitake mushrooms. Bitter Melon with Chili Peppers, inspired by the Cambodian community in Cholon, is a unique combination of the mild bitterness of bitter melon, the fiery heat of chili peppers, and the refreshing coolness of sweet and sour fish sauce.

Continuing the culinary journey of Saigon – Cho Lon at ORYZ Saigon, diners are taken on a surprising adventure with the Mango Dumpling – a symbol of the unique cultural exchange between Vietnam and China. Transcending the boundaries of ordinary taste, unlike traditional dumplings, ORYZ Saigon’s Mango Dumpling offers a completely new experience. The dumpling skin is made from ripe, fragrant mangoes, delivering a refreshing sweetness and distinctive aroma. Inside the wrapper is a filling of fresh crab meat, combined with chewy wood ear mushrooms, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. The highlight of the Mango Dumpling is the unique dipping sauce. The fermented mushroom sauce is made according to a secret recipe, offering a tangy, salty-sweet balance. The spicy chili oil stimulates the palate, while the X.O. mushroom sauce adds a touch of richness, creating a perfect balance for the dish.

Next, the fifth dish on the 12-course menu, Chef Chris JH Fong has chosen a simple yet culturally significant Saigon dish, Bitter Melon with Chili Peppers. The dish is inspired by the famous Linh Giang rice shop at 145/2 Duong Tu Giang, District 5. ORYZ’s Bitter Melon with Chili Peppers delivers a delicious and refined flavor that will captivate diners from the first bite. The dish consists of fish cakes, puffed tofu, cooked in a clear and sweet soy bean broth and soft and rich stewed turnips. The mild bitterness of the bitter melon blends with the fiery heat of the chili peppers, the rich sweetness of the fish cakes, the nutty flavor of the tofu, and the delicate flavor of the broth to create a unique symphony of flavors that awakens all of the diner’s senses. Bitter Melon with Chili Peppers is not only a delicious dish but also a cultural icon of Saigon. This simple dish embodies the harmony of flavors, between elegance and richness, between tradition and modernity, just like the soul of the people of Saigon.

ORYZ Saigon

ORYZ Saigon’s culinary adventure through Saigon’s Cho Lon is not just a meal; it’s a delightful journey that takes diners into a world of flavors and emotions. The 12-course menu is like a harmonious symphony, each dish a note that blends together to create a perfect culinary experience, guiding diners through the culinary essence of the bustling Cho Lon district. Stir-fried Sweet Greens is a seemingly simple dish that reveals the culinary finesse in its preparation. Sweet greens are grilled and fried until crispy, then stir-fried with a rich red Chao sauce, fragrant grilled pork, and spicy fermented chili sauce. Each ingredient blends perfectly, creating a unique flavor that awakens all of the diner’s senses. Com Me, This dish brings the rustic and familiar flavors of Saigon to life. The rice is cooked with fermented sticky rice, giving it a fragrant and slightly sour taste. It is served with braised dishes, sour soup, or boiled vegetables, creating a warm and comforting family meal. Trieu Chau Pha Lau is signature dish of the Chinese community in Cho Lon features a harmonious combination of grilled pork belly, braised pork skin, and grilled pork belly. The broth is simmered with 12 traditional Chinese herbs, resulting in a clear sweetness and rich aroma that blends with the ingredients to create a savory and irresistible dish. Sa Te Pho is a unique twist on the traditional pho, this dish offers a spicy and exotic flavor. The clear beef broth is infused with the fiery spice of sa te, the rich creaminess of peanut sauce, and the sweet and savory notes of black soy sauce. The tender braised beef and chewy honeycomb tripe create a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Com Ga is a humble yet appealing dish made with fragrant ST25 rice and soft steamed chicken with a refreshing herb and ginger sauce. It is often served with cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, and a sweet and sour fish sauce, creating a light and flavorful meal.

The culinary adventure concludes with a sweet and refreshing dessert of Chè đậu hũ hạnh nhân (almond tofu pudding), along with delectable egg tarts, fragrant pandan coconut cakes, and soothing lotus tea.

ORYZ Saigon: A Unique and Refined Dining Experience

The culinary journey at ORYZ Saigon goes beyond just delicious food; it’s a seamless blend of cozy ambiance, refined décor, and a modern open kitchen concept. Diners can watch the skilled chefs prepare their dishes right before their eyes, adding to the unique and engaging experience.

At ORYZ Saigon, each guest not only savors the food but also immerses themselves in an intimate, cozy, and sophisticated setting. Each table is spaced apart, creating a sense of comfort and privacy for each diner, allowing them to fully enjoy their meal.

The professional and attentive staff at ORYZ Saigon is always ready to assist and answer any questions guests may have. They are not just servers but also culinary guides, leading guests on a journey to discover the stories behind each dish.

Before each new dish is presented, a staff member at ORYZ Saigon transforms into a storyteller, providing detailed information about the origin, flavors, and how to enjoy the dish. They explain the cultural significance behind each ingredient, the unique preparation methods, and the special highlights of the dish.

With the guidance of the attentive staff, guests will have the most perfect dining experience. They will learn how to savor the dish to its fullest, appreciate the finesse in its preparation, and cherish the cultural value hidden within each dish.

ORYZ Saigon is not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural destination where guests can explore and experience the culinary gems of Vietnam. Each meal at ORYZ Saigon is a delightful journey that takes diners into a world of flavors and emotions, leaving them with unforgettable impressions.

ORYZ Saigon

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