Learn how to drink coffee like an Italian 

To become a true Italian, you must learn a full system of coffee rituals and behaviors that are well known across the world. As a country where about 6 kg of coffee is consumed per capita each year, Italy has evolved a strong Italian coffee culture into a veritable art form throughout the centuries.

For a long time, Italy has been recognized as the delightful paradise that produces outstanding, world-famous coffee drinks. Every cup of Italian coffee has a distinct flavor, refinement, and allure. With the passage of time, the magnificent boot-shaped country’s coffee culture has become a vital element.

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The birthplace of a long-standing coffee culture

Italy is well-known for being one of the countries that has played an important part in promoting coffee culture to consumers on all continents. Coffee is not merely a morning ritual, but it is also becoming a delicate art form. The first coffee beans were sold by street vendors in Italy around 1615. The first coffee business opened here in 1645.

The use of Arabica and Robusta beans, or the use of exclusively Arabica beans, is an essential aspect in enhancing the distinct flavor of Italian coffee. The distinction between Italian coffee and other coffees throughout the world is in its lovely dark color and whether it contains no or little oil. The best coffee beans, hand-picked by Italians, are roasted and perfumed according to a historic recipe to produce a distinct flavor.

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Italians have a habit of enjoying coffee at breakfast 

Coffee is thought to be a vital component of Italians’ daily existence. Italians, in particular, prefer coffee in the morning; coffee is not appropriate in the afternoon or evening. For Italians, coffee is a drink that awakens all of the senses, kicking off a new day full of vitality because the amount of acid in coffee helps to boost the digestive system’s ability to excrete. Sensory coffee, such as Cappuccino, is never consumed by Italians in the morning or after lunch because they believe that you would not fully appreciate the entire flavor of a cup of coffee at those times.

For many people, appreciating coffee necessitates taking the time to sip deeply and ponder on life. However, in order to truly appreciate the delightful taste of a cup of coffee, it is required to learn how to drink coffee quickly enough, as the Italian slogan is “Enjoy coffee quickly and deliciously.”

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The way Italians order cups of coffee 

One of the most peculiar aspects about Italian cafes is the way people order cups of coffee to drink. Government officials have demanded that cafes provide clients a receipt every time they visit the café in a failed attempt to combat tax cheating. That is, when you enter an Italian café, you must first proceed to the cashier’s counter to pay for the cup of coffee you intend to drink. You will then be given a receipt. Then you bring it to the counter, and the staff will prepare you coffee according to the voucher. If you want to be called an Italian coffee expert, remember that you must drink “speed” to keep up with the locals because they drink very quickly; sometimes just one sip of coffee and you’ll see them jump up and leave the establishment! Truly an unusual and unusual way to sip coffee in the globe!

Today, you can easily find espresso-style cafés, tables, and chairs spilling on sidewalks in various regions of big cities throughout the world, such as Melbourne, Sydney, and others, and they also serve other Italian food and drink such as pasta, pizza, and wine. Italian wine is also well-known.

As you may know, each country’s coffee culture has its own distinct qualities that reflect that country’s lifestyle, enjoyment, and art of coffee manufacturing. Let us attempt going to Italy once in a lifetime to feel the rich flavor of pure cups of coffee and disguise ourselves as genuine Italians using Wanderlust Tips USA’s suggested ways to drink coffee.

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