Indulge in happiness when visiting 3 featured theme parks in Japan

There are several top-notch amusement parks in Japan. You may select your interest in a wide variety of distinct themes from horrors to history. As such, when visiting Japan, make sure you take advantage of the chance to engage in unrestricted play in Japanese amusement parks.

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Even though Japan is a sophisticated nation with many shopping malls, entertainment venues, skyscrapers, and busy, congested streets, there are also several pleasant, green spaces that domestic and global tourists enjoy. Japanese theme parks offer visitors the chance to get away from the rush of daily life. These are themed water parks with a lively, vibrant environment and many exciting activities.

Have fun with cartoon characters in Tokyo Disneyland

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Theme park Disneyland Park in Tokyo is built around the well-known Walt Disney animated flicks. It was the first Disney theme park to operate outside of the United States when it opened in 1983. Disneyland Park in Tokyo is organized into seven themed zones, each with its own parade and seasonal decorations, modeled after Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California.

World Bazaar, a shopping district modeled after an American town in the early 20th century, is situated directly at the park’s main entrance in Japan. During their vacation, many travelers come here to purchase mementos for their loved ones when traveling to Japan. Turn left out of World Bazaar, Adventureland is undoubtedly the land for adventurers and discoverers. The concept of Adventureland is the tropical woods and wetlands of New Orleans. You may play exhilarating and daring games such as Western River Railway, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In addition, Tomorrowland, a futuristic land, is a creative, fantastical, and even space-faring adventure destination. If you’re searching for a place where Disney characters are the focus, Toontown is the perfect destination. Furthermore, Walt Disney’s iconic animated feature served as the inspiration for the architecture of Fantasyland. The castle from the Cinderella film was constructed in the middle of Tokyo’s Disneyland park. As its name suggests, Fantasyland is nothing more than a land of dreams full of characters from fairy tales such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio, as well as places from Cinderella’s castle.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Hollywood at Universal Studios Japan

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Universal Studios Japan is the first theme park under the Universal Studios brand to be built in Asia. Opened in March 2001 in the Osaka Bay Area, the theme park with an area of 39 hectares is the most visited amusement park in Japan after Tokyo Disney Resort.

Not just Japanese visitors but foreign tourists also find Universal Studios Japan to be a popular theme park. You may feel the energy and thrill of trying out frightening amusement rides with Hollywood movie themes at Universal Studios after taking in the breathtaking surroundings of Osaka.

Spider-Man’s wall of flying scorpions is seen here with several events taking place after the great white shark encounter at sea. In Resident Evil, you may feel the fear of being pursued by zombies, while you can witness dinosaurs swinging around in Jurassic Park. Moreover, the members of SMAP, Japan’s national idol group, will ride inverted musical roller coasters during the performance, which is an immersive experience of majesty and thrill. There is no way to describe the amazement and delight that Universal Studios offers its guests, so experience it and make the most of it. Especially starting in July 2014, the newly opened Harry Potter theme area not only restored the original scene but also had a large number of exquisite peripherals for sale.

Conquer the world of anime and mystery at Fuji-Q Highland

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Japan is not only famous for its poetic and beautiful landscape but also famous for its willingness to invest in amusement parks. And Fuji-Q Highland Japan is one of the parks that brings a strong impression to many people who have set foot here. Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Park is known as a destination “not for the faint of heart.” This famous park in Japan is extremely popular with domestic and foreign tourists. 

In its inception in 1996, Fuji-Q broke the Guinness record with its highest-altitude roller coaster, making it one of the most famous in the world. Until now, the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world is the Fujiyama ride. You will know what it feels like to be dizzy and seasick when sitting on roller coasters that move faster than the wind, hanging on rails suspended in the air. Riding the roller coaster at Fuji-Q is both an opportunity for you to conquer your limits and an opportunity for you to see the entire Mount Fuji – a beautiful symbol of Japan.

In addition to the roller coaster, the park is also famous for its haunted game area bringing a feeling of horror all over. This horror game area will result in a scary feeling with scary sounds inside the building known as the “hospital of the ghost.” Horrifying images and haunted rooms inside the hospital will make you truly haunted when conquering this challenge. Your mind will be disturbed when you hear the sounds inside the ghost hospital in Fuji-Q, which may make you take a step back. During the trip to visit Fuji-Q park at the horror location, you will feel the meaningful life and the joy of completing challenges inside the building that leave you with many truly unforgettable impressions.

Fuji-Q Highland Japan will also take you into an unreal world based on famous anime series, including many mazes, strange attractions, and traditional Japanese games such as Ferris wheel, volleyball, and wooden trough. Visiting the Fuji-Q Highland ice skating rink is also an exciting activity in an anime location.

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