Grapes: An indispensable specialty when coming to Douro Valley 

With its magnificent natural landscape and numerous rich specialties, the Douro Valley will undoubtedly not let you down if you’re seeking a tourist destination in Portugal. Grapes, which are main ingredients in Porto wine in Douro Valley, particularly are regarded as a natural gift to this fertile country. It would be incomplete if you missed the chance to sample the region’s well-known wine when coming to Douro. 

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A favorable climate is a good condition for the growing of grapes to make the renowned Porto wine, which may be found along the Portuguese sections of the Douro. The valley next to the swiftly flowing Douro river spans from Portugal’s eastern border to the coastal city of Porto, which is also an estuary. Douro valley is a well-established wine production region with a history of 2,000 years and an area stretching to 113 km. It has a pleasant, advantageous environment. Even though the month of September marks the beginning of the grape harvest season each year, tourists continue to pour into the Douro valley throughout the rest of the year.

The majority of tourists around the world come to the Douro valley just to engulf themselves in the idyllic wine vineyards. When visiting Europe and having a desire to learn how to produce and harvest grapes, tourists should go in September of each year when the grapes are ripe and at their best.

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Overwhelmed with grapes in Douro Valley

Red and white grape types are cultivated in the Douro valley. To provide tourists with a wide range of intriguing experiences, locals produce a variety of wine products. However, not only in September every year can visitors to Europe enjoy the poetic scenery of the Douro wine growing region, but also in other seasons of the year, the Douro valley still attracts tourists from all over.  Douro always has a special highlight, which is the changing color of grape fields according to the growth process of the vines. 

However, September is the main season, you will see the most wonderful beauty of the grape valley when autumn comes. Especially in March and April every year, spring comes early in the Douro valley. If you have the opportunity to visit this vineyard, you will be delighted by the extremely poetic scenery. The entire valley is always filled with pink and white clouds floating like a peaceful, free fairyland.

In addition, visitors can also participate in wine factory tours, watch the process of producing grapes into wine, sip refreshing glasses of wine and enjoy delicious meals or cycle along the valley, admire the beautiful scenery on the river and panoramic views of the Douro valley by yacht.

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Porto wine: A unique feature of Portuguese cuisine originating from Douro Valley

Porto wine is a top-notch Portuguese wine that is exclusively made in the Douro valley in the nation’s north. It is a sweet, often crimson, highly alcoholic wine that is frequently offered as a dessert beverage. In addition to wines from Portugal, other countries that produce wine include Australia, France, Canada, India, Argentina, and the United States. Only wine made in Portugal, however, is permitted to use the “Porto” label.

Porto Wine is a brandy that originates from Portugal, often used as an accompaniment to desserts due to its sweet properties. With the exception of Tawny Port, which is a traditional variety that is aged for a very long period, port wine also contains red wine and rose wine. While there are many varieties of port available with ordinary quality and affordable pricing, there are also varieties with price tags of hundreds of dollars each bottle and a variety of flavors.

It can be said that Porto wine is an irreplaceable specialty made from grapes in the Douro Valley region, where are the most beautiful Portugal vineyards in the world. Traditionally, wine was packed in wooden barrels and taken on flat-bottomed boats to the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia on the south bank opposite Porto. Another note for wine lovers is that the ideal temperature to serve Port Wine is about 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Nothing could be more wonderful than sipping a glass of grape wine and immersing yourself in spectacular scenery. Let’s take a trip to Porto to stand a higher chance of getting exposure to this natural paradise.

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