Fashion experience combined with travel enjoyment

Today, fashion is a “messenger” that contributes to the promotion of a destination’s beauty, thereby confirming the distinct landmarks on the population’s map.

In order to promote tourism in Vietnam, a large number of fashion shows are presented in renowned locations, spectacular landscapes, and architectural landmarks. “Phuong Dong Ruc Ro” (Colors Of The Heart) is an exceptional example of fashion tourism.

Photo: VuNgoc&Son


Fashion, a tourism pedestal

Tourism and fashion are unquestionably growing closer together in their mutual support and promotion of a green economy for sustainable development. However, how has this ecosystem actually functioned in Vietnam?

As is common knowledge, fashion designers frequently create collections with the intention of promoting the country’s culture and tourism. Fashion designer Vu Ngoc & Son, whose Cruise 2023 show is titled “Phuong Dong Ruc Ro” (Colors of the Heart) and is held in Hoi An, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, is one of the most inspiring on that voyage.

Photo: VuNgoc & Son

As famous and bright faces of the Vietnamese fashion village, a pair of close friends with the ability to exploit vibrant multi-color palettes have skillfully impressed the fashion industry with a red tone that is accompanied by more than a pure red in their most recent collection.

They appear in jacquard, silk, chiffon, sequins, etc., with a variety of textures or backgrounds in pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange tones. And Hoi An, a colorful paradise with a blue sky, white clouds, green space, and charming and poetic landscape, is the ideal location for spreading the Colors of the Heart’s unique spirit.


Promote tourism by investing in fashion

It can be said that the promenade is designed in accordance with natural architecture, which increases fashionistas’ desire to travel. Therefore, fashion designers are now more likely to choose an open space close to nature to exhibit their collections and host promotional shows for the destination. They consider this approach to be more than just a fad; it also affirms the sustainability of fashion.

Photo: VuNgoc & Son

The transition from a conventional catwalk in an enclosed space to a catwalk close to nature and scenic spots, which is associated with destination promotion, is fraught with numerous difficulties and obstacles, depending on the location, terrain, and weather. However, this is intended to be the hallmark of outdoor fashion shows.

Dinh Truong Tung, a fashion designer, stated regarding the Colors of the Heart, “The colors utilized in this design not only reflect the signature brilliance of Vu Ngoc & Son, but were also chosen with the intent to complement and amplify the spirit of this remarkable creation. The red color is dazzling on its own, but the addition of other hues makes this collection truly brilliant.”

Photo: VuNgoc & Son

In addition, fashion designer Vu Ngoc Tu elaborated on the inspiration behind the photo series: Some of the memories of the ancient city of Hoi An, which was once a bustling trading center, are preserved on small boats, in market streets, and along the river. We use these modest spaces as a reminder by incorporating elements of culture, travel, and everyday life into our artwork.”

In the afternoon sunlight of Hoi An, the performance opened with a scene of commerce and daily life, invoking images of the port city’s bustling atmosphere in the early 20th century.

With the intention of introducing Hoi An culture through this show, Vu Ngoc & Son and their team conducted extensive research and meticulously selected the program’s content, sound, and cultural symbols.

The 400-meter-long runway was constructed on Nguyen Hue Street, near the center of the nearly 200-year-old Hoi An Market. Along the sides of the road, the team used bamboo as a frame and hung more than a thousand lanterns made particularly for the show to create a brilliant space that matched the show’s name.

Photo: VuNgoc & Son

Besides, Vu Ngoc & Son astonished nearly 200 guests by bringing the rustic beauty of locals’ lives, such as bicycles, rickshaws, bamboo and rattan making, and hut singing, to the stage. Everything is integrated through the outstanding performances of supermodels, renowned misses, and singers, enhancing the uniqueness of Hoi An’s ancient town in the eyes of international guests and tourists.

Some beautiful photographs from the Colors of The Heart:

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