Explore Australia’s spring beauty in September

Unlike other countries in the world, September marks the beginning of spring in Australia. The land of the kangaroos in September is renowned as an excellent time to immerse yourself in the cool beaches, gentle weather, nice evenings, and ample sunshine to brighten your days for a fantastic vacation.

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Australia is a country located in the world’s southern hemisphere, where the weather is diametrically opposed to that of the northern hemisphere. For example, while in the Northern Hemisphere it is autumn, in Australia it is the warmth of spring, and vice versa. In Australia, each season has its own beauty and charm; however, spring is known as the most attractive season to view hundreds of flowers blooming simultaneously, displaying their wonderful aroma. September is also the first month of spring, with typical temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, which is pretty chilly. With the appearance of many prominent festivals, this is also the wedding season and peak travel time.

Here is a list of top-rated destinations you shouldn’t skip while traveling to Australia in spring:

Sydney Opera House: An architectural work that breaks all rules:

Among tourist destinations in Australia, when mentioning Sydney, most visitors might think of the Sydney Opera House. Shaped like giant seashells or billowing sails, the world-famous building at Sydney’s Bennelong Point is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Sydney Opera House, located in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, has become a characteristic symbol not only of Sydney but also one of the world’s great architectural symbols. Besides its outstanding architecture, the Sydney Opera House is home to numerous musical performances, plays, operas, and other artistic events. The theater has attracted a huge influx of tourists on a yearly basis, not only to enjoy works of art but also to admire the unique architecture and beautiful views of Sydney Bay.

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Kimberley: An ideal land for adventurous trips

Known as a land designed for those who are passionate about adventure travel and fall in love with the remoteness and wilderness of Western Australia. Kimberley is only accessible from March to November. This is a vast swamp, three times the size of England. Rivers carve their own image into the dusty red expanse, and tourists can enjoy sparkling pools, stunning gorges, and jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Ngang Falls is supposed to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kimberley. This spectacular phenomenon is created by strong tides of up to 11 meters rushing through two small gorges. You can have access to the mysterious land by taking a jet boat across the sea, past steaming waterfalls. Kimberley also features the breathtaking Mitchell Falls and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, with amazing honeycomb-shaped rocks discovered in 1983. Hiking the trails, viewing sacred Aboriginal ceremonial sites and rock art, or taking a scenic flight up to the park and visiting the Argyle Diamond Mine are believed to be must-do activities whenever you step into this natural paradise.

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Barossa Valley: A wine paradise in stunning Australia

The Barossa is supposed to be one of the largest wine-growing regions in Australia and makes up a quarter of Australia’s wines, including some of the best-known brands such as Jacob’s Creek, Penfolds, and Wolf Blass. The miracle that nature has bestowed on this valley has been fully exploited by the residents; they have produced excellent Shiraz wine, which is widely chosen by a lot of tourists.

Along the roads stretching from Kapunda in the north to Mount Pleasant in the south, there are ancient houses, Australia’s oldest winery, art studios, and craft stalls arranged conveniently for visitors in order to buy some items as souvenirs. The Barossa Valley is a rich land with a temperate climate suitable for agricultural development; it is also a wine-producing region and is the most attractive tourist region in the state of South Australia.

It is also notable for having a distinct German taste left by the Germans who have lived here since ancient times. You can visit over 50 wineries on a motorcycle and have free wine tasting sessions directly in front of the wine cellar entrance, or you can join a tour from Adelaide.

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