Enhance your autumn travel with outstanding food festivals in the US

A gorgeous America features several quite intriguing food events. This location not only draws tourists but also expands the opportunity for showcasing the traditional culture of the locals. Visitors will be enveloped in the aura of many distinctive festivals in numerous locations across the US if they travel during the enchanting autumn season.

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The most picturesque season of the year is said to be autumn. Festivals are also continually hosted at this period of time in every state in the US. American autumn is referred to as the festival, entertaining, and exciting season. For those planning an amazing fall vacation to the country of roses, it will unquestionably be the best time to do it. Visitors have the chance to take advantage of this period to eat traditional American meals or fresh seafood in Florida. In the autumn, all of these events take place in various locations across the country and draw lots of tourists from all over the world.

1. New York City Wine And Food Festival

The journey to America will become more interesting and complete when tourists participate in a large-scale food and wine festival in the splendid capital of New York. In mid-October, this beautiful city holds a very rich and diverse festival. Depending on the theme of each year, the festival takes on different outstanding colors. With extremely thorough and meticulous preparation, the event is an ideal time for tourists around the world to come to America and enjoy the diverse local cuisine. Don’t forget that the festival is also a paradise for wine lovers. For the enjoyment and pleasure of guests, many well-known wine lines are on display. 

Visitors may participate in a variety of culinary events and wine tastings in addition to attending seminars and musical performances inside the festival. The duration of each of these exercises extends the full program. Activities will change often throughout the event to enhance the experience for guests and prevent boredom and lack of interest. This event is not held at a specific place in New York. The event takes place at a different location in New York every year.

Tourists will see a bustling scene with the gathering of more than 500 famous chefs preparing a series of attractive dishes here. Besides, participants will enjoy about 100 of the most famous wines from the best wineries in New York City.

Location: New York | Time: 15 – 18, October 

Photo: New York City Wine & Food Festival

2. American Royal World Series of BBQ

As the largest BBQ tournament in the world, the American Royal World Series of BBQ is a well-known autumn festival originating from the US. The competition is a place for people and organizations with a passion for grilled food. Visitors may savor sizzling BBQ foods straight from the grill while blending in with the lively and energetic environment. Visitors can win prizes in addition to enjoying themselves while eating, drinking, and having fun. If participants are lucky, they will win the BBQ grilling contest. They will have the chance to receive fantastic rewards in the form of cash and other goods.

The American Royal World Series of BBQ is held in Kansas, Missouri around the beginning of December. Each year, the American Royal World Series of BBQ attracts more than 500 participating teams, from famous chefs to amateurs from all over the world. Coming here, participants will have the opportunity to admire the experts demonstrating their talent in grilling meat, preparing extremely attractive sauces, and especially enjoying diverse BBQ dishes with irresistible flavors.

Location: Kansas, Missouri | Time: 1 – 4 October 

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3. Santa Fe Wine Festival & Chile Fiesta

The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta Festival held in Santa Fe, New Mexico is considered one of the specialty culinary festivals in the US in the autumn. The five-day Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta will be held in neighborhood New Mexican eateries.

The Grand Tasting, the festival’s centerpiece event, will feature excellent food and wine from over 75 restaurants and 90 wineries. By taking part in this autumnal American celebration, visitors may learn about the area’s history and culture while savoring delectable cuisine. The 3,500-day festival of Santa Fe’s greatest discounts is attended by more than 60 eateries and 90 wineries. Each year during this distinctive Fiesta, Santa Fe receives more than a thousand guests. There is a list of recognized wineries meticulously selected to offer the best programming. High-quality representation is offered by participating wineries to inform and entice the most discriminating visitors.

Santa Fe’s restaurants and chefs form the foundation of Fiesta. The chefs, whether they are self-taught or classically trained, and even James Beard Award winners, bring their best dishes to Fiesta. They also impart to the community their special stories and abilities.

Location: New Mexico | Date: 23 – 27 September

Photo: TOURISM Santa Fe

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