Create an exciting winter with 3 most distinctive events in the world

It might seem inappropriate to have a festival during the chilly winter. On the other hand, winter is the ideal season for light or ice festivals in many nations across the world. Thousands of people come to the event despite the frigid weather as a chance to unwind after long days. Let’s discover these distinct festivals in various parts of the world with Wanderlust Tips to add some fun to your wintertime.

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Winter is an exciting time in many nations throughout the world. They organize various festivities in the winter, according to long-established customs, to relieve the cold and create a cheerful and intimate feeling between people. Winter festivals have become a tradition and an essential cultural aspect in many nations across the globe. If you are looking for fun for the upcoming cold winter days, don’t hesitate to take a trip to Iceland, Japan, or Italy. Winter festivals in these countries are organized on a grand and large scale, making your winter interesting.

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival dispelling the cold in Iceland

The Reykjavik Winter Light Festival is an annual event in February, which gathers locals and international tourists to celebrate the city’s unique culture. The festival was first held in 2008 to brighten up the dark winter months in Iceland. This is an opportunity for all visitors to experience the unique combination of art, music, and culture in the nation. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights during your visit to Reykjavik.

The Winter Festival of Lights is a celebration of light and art, with installations and performances transforming the city into a magical wonderland. There are concerts, dance performances, and theater performances throughout the festival, as well as workshops and talks on topics from photography to astronomy. One of the most popular events at the festival is Museum Night, where museums across the city open their doors for free to visitors. 

The Reykjavik Winter Light Festival is not only a festival that celebrates art and culture but also showcases Iceland’s unique cuisine. Participating visitors can sample various traditional Icelandic dishes and modern fusion cuisine prepared by top chefs. This is a great occasion to learn more about Iceland’s history and culture.

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Sapporo Ice Festival: Exciting experience in winter in Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival is a celebration of ice and snow held in early February every year in Sapporo City, Hokkaido province. The festival was first held in 1950, with three areas displaying snow and ice sculptures at Odori Kaijou, Susukino Kaijou, and Tsudomu Kaijou. This is the most anticipated snow festival of the year, welcoming thousands of domestic and international visitors. In recent years, tourists from tropical countries have increased rapidly due to the attraction of exploring snowy areas and seeing masterpieces made from snow and ice.

The theme of the snow sculptures changes each year. It might be famous architectural works throughout the world, such as the French triumphal arch or Japanese historical works. In addition, snow is used by craftsmen to bring cartoon figures such as Pokemon and characters from popular movies involving Star World to reality. The massive monument may be up to 15m high and 25m broad, providing an enormous outdoor stage.

At the event, you can also experience local delicacies, fish, and beef from all around Hokkaido, as well as many famous dishes from nearby restaurants. Try a drink of hot wine, and if you’re still cold, relax in the tents or rooms set up near the food vendors to warm yourself. There are also various souvenirs, toys, T-shirts, tiny decorations, and postcards for sale here.

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Venice Carnival: The most spectacular carnival in Italy

Every February in Venice, Italy, there is an event that travelers from all over the globe look forward to. A massive funfair, Venice Carnival, aiming at recreating lost heritage and culture, will transform Venice into a 17th-century utopia. This event attracts over 3 million tourists each year.

The Best Mask contest, held throughout the festival to determine the most distinctive and imaginative costume, is the most significant event. Professional fashion and cosmetics designers across the world make up the jury panel. Traditional Venetian masks are frequently seen at the Venice Carnival. Masks play an essential role in this city’s creative culture. Mask artists get extra active around the holidays to accommodate the increasing demand for costumes.

Venice Carnival allows individuals to escape from their ordinary lives and turn into someone else. In addition to beautifully created masks and costumes, the entire city of Venice has been adorned with decorations and workers dressed in medieval-style clothes, creating a fantastic land of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Throughout the event, there are magnificent parades on both the streets and the river. Because the number of guests attending the festival is extremely great, tourists must arrive very early to reserve a good place for themselves to watch these exceptional parades. In addition to the procession, unique acts will be staged throughout the streets of Venice to enhance the ambiance of the Venice Carnival. Visitors will see stilt walkers and circus performers displaying their skills in colorful outfits. These arts are vital to the spiritual lives of Venetians in particular and Italians in general.

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