Attend the world’s largest fall ginseng festival in Korea

The annual Geumsan Ginseng Festival attracts tourists from all over the world, and the Geumsan region, known for farming ginseng in Korea, is buzzing with activity. The Geumsan Ginseng Festival introduces and promotes Korean ginseng to visitors from all over the world. It is hosted in a location with a long ginseng production tradition stretching back more than 1,500 years.

Ginseng has long been regarded as a miracle medication, and Korea is well-known throughout the world for its exquisite cuisine. As a result, it is logical that this country is also home to the world’s largest ginseng festival. The Geumsan Ginseng Festival, held at the Geumsan Ginseng Museum and the Ginseng and Herbs Quarter in Geumsan, a small Korean town famous for its ancient ginseng roots, is an opportunity for locals and international tourists to meet and exchange profound knowledge about ginseng while remaining imbued with the spirit of Korean culture.

Geumsan: The ginseng homeland of the world

Geumsan is known as Korea’s valuable ginseng capital. Because of its outstanding geographic location and unusually favorable natural climate, this city grows the best ginseng roots in Korea and the world. Korean ginseng grown here has a high nutritional value because it is suited to the temperature and soil. Fresh ginseng from Geumsan differs from that from other locations in a variety of ways, including firm-headed, short, and round roots. As a result, this region is now considered as the world’s leading supplier of Korean ginseng.

The Geumsan ginseng market in Korea is widely considered as the world’s largest ginseng market. Geumsan Ginseng Market, Korea’s largest ginseng production and distribution hub, is where ginseng is gathered and exchanged from all across the country. The Geumsan ginseng market, which controls 80% of the nation’s ginseng market, has over 1,300 shops selling ginseng and herbs. Geumsan, the origin of ginseng, is home to a ginseng museum, a ginseng mansion, and the Geumsan Mountain Forest Culture Village. Another alternative is the Geumsan ginseng festival, the world’s largest ginseng festival.

Furthermore, it is widely accepted that the Geumsan ginseng market in Korea has the world’s largest ginseng industry. Geumsan Ginseng Market, Korea’s largest ginseng production and distribution hub, is where ginseng from all across the country is gathered and exchanged. More than 1,300 enterprises offer ginseng and herbs in the Geumsan ginseng market, which accounts for 80% of the country’s ginseng market. Geumsan, the birthplace of ginseng, is home to the Geumsan Mountain Forest Culture Village and a ginseng museum larger than 8000 square meters. Another noteworthy event is the Geumsan ginseng festival, which is the world’s largest ginseng celebration.

Geumsan Ginseng Festival: A celebration full of activities steeped in Korean culture

Throughout the festival, the Geumsan showroom serves as a display for all species of ginseng. This is a site for local and international visitors to exchange goods and services, including an art exhibition booth, a booth for German ginseng, and a ginseng trading hall. At this place, visitors can see some of the most exquisite ginseng wine bottles as well as traditional ginseng-derived processed foods. By participating in practical activities ranging from harvesting to drying ginseng, visitors can learn about ginseng mythology, how to utilize and process Korean ginseng, and other practical aspects of the ginseng-creation process.

Visitors to the Geumsan ginseng market will be able to buy ginseng as well as experience numerous ginseng and herb-based dishes. Fried ginseng, a nutritious dish made from four-year-old ginseng, is the most distinctive food. They would undoubtedly feel revived and energized after eating this featured ginseng cuisine and drinking powerful ginseng wine.

Guests can experience exciting performances by Geumsan folk performers, as well as a range of displays such as leaping, dancing, and singing, during the world’s largest ginseng festival. In the program of practical activities, visitors can even dig their own ginseng and pound rice cakes. Participants will also get the opportunity to participate in ginseng culinary contests, ginseng quizzes, herbal tea making, and sample the region’s traditional foods with powerful flavors.

Visitors to this festival will, in particular, enjoy the exceptionally unusual ginseng steam bath service. You can find ginseng in the wild and get its products at very low prices.

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