Alluring tourists with 3 wonderful theme parks in Germany

When it comes to traveling to Germany, people will recall the chance to explore castles, and exquisite palaces, and savor the most exquisite and appealing regional food. However, having fun at the parks is something that makes people feel excited and excited in addition to the attractions and food places.

In addition to its gigantic architectural structures, picturesque landscapes, and historic cities dating back thousands of years, Germany is an appealing getaway due to its entertainment hubs. Theme parks are popular with both foreign and local tourists in Germany. You can engage in a variety of exhilarating activities at these parks, ranging from easy, relaxing games to action-packed ones. Nevertheless, you can also watch films using virtual reality goggles, which creates a fresh and different experience. Visitors may visit the park once and build lifelong memories thanks to all the games and activities available. 

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Get lost in one of Europe’s largest water parks, Europa Park

Europa Amusement Park in Germany is one of the parks that a large number of domestic and foreign visitors love to choose as an entertainment destination every year. Europa Park, which is on the list of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world, just after Disneyland Paris, is the second most visited theme park in Europe, and the most visited seasonal theme park in the world. 

A total area of about 950,000 square meters is divided into 17 theme areas according to each country in the European Union, arranging more than 100 entertainment facilities and numerous show programs. Coming to this amusement park, you will be immersed in exciting roller coasters and experience the most beautiful scenery. Every day, thousands of visitors come to the park and participate in this adventurous game.

In particular, in October every year, tourists to the park will join in many interesting and exciting activities such as the mysterious Halloween festival, fireworks displays, and grand music performances to serve visitors. 

Additionally, this park also has high-density restaurants and bars, so visitors can freely have fun and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Photo: Europa Park

Address: Rust, Germany

Opening hours: From 10 am – 8 pm

Ticket price: Ranging from 49 – 65 Euro/person

Enjoy the magical space of childhood in Phantasialand

Phantasialand is an amusement park located in the suburban residential area of the Bruhl region in Germany. Opened in 1967, initially intended as a family park, however in recent years, thrilling games have been added to the entertainment service, bringing visitors many interesting experiences.

Visitors can experience the feeling of free fall at Mystery Castle on the world-class F.L.Y roller coaster or thrilling rides such as Talocan, and Black Mamba. The games are designed with many water, fire effects, and smoke to add a dramatic and creepy atmosphere. Moreover, water games like rafting on River Quest, or Chiapas are also popular with tourists. However, when experiencing this adventure, you should bring a swimsuit or a spare outfit instead.

Many people believe that Phantasialand becomes more magical and magical in the evening. Dim blue light shines on the stone walls surrounding the park and the entire Phantasialand will be engulfed in mist, helping visitors experience adventure games more excitingly and interestingly.

In addition, tourists visiting Phantasialand can watch music performances. You can bring food or buy it at food stalls in the park. A note for visitors to Phantasialand is that you should arrive at the amusement park early to avoid crowds and long queues.

Photo: Park Planner

Address: Brühl, Germany

Opening hours: From 9 am – 6 pm

Ticket price: Ranging from 44 – 61 Euro/person

Visit Hansa Park amidst the seaside space

Hansa Park has a beautiful location on the Baltic coast. From the Holstein tower toạ lạc ngay giữa công viên, visitors can enjoy panoramic sea views. The park has a variety of thrilling rides for cyber thrill seekers as well as fun rides, train tours, gardens, parades, and musical performances for the whole family.

The park covers 85 hectares and offers more than 100 attractions including theaters with seasonal shows, children’s rides, an outdoor stage, a daily parade, and 11 giant roller coasters. Moreover, Euro-Mir is a star attraction in the Russia area based on Soviet space missions. In the Greece zone, a high-speed roller coaster takes you to the top of Mount Olympus before you plunge into the water flows of the Mediterranean. However, the favorite Blue Fire in Iceland space may warn you that there has been trouble before throwing you into a twisted horseshoe roll across the lake.

Photo: Hansa Park

Address: Sierksdorf, Germany

Opening hours: From 11 am – 9 pm

Ticket price: From 29.5 – 37.5 Euro/person

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