Admire the dazzling splendor of America’s abundant apple orchard

The vibrant red images of juicy, fragrant apples at harvest have become a staple of autumn in the United States. A road trip to tranquil apple orchards will make your slow travel voyage in the United States, the nation of flags, more enjoyable than ever.

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Autumn is the turning point of America’s bountiful apple orchards. Some people believe that autumn is a time of sorrow and wilting because the majority of plants lose their vibrant green hue and take on yellow-orange hues. October is the best time to visit the United States in order to witness the breathtaking scene that is considered typical of autumn; the image of the apple orchards will make your tongue water.

Visiting an apple farm during the harvest season provides visitors with genuine emotions and is also a practical way to support American farmers. What could be more invigorating than savoring crisp apples with natural sweetness while surrounded by lush vegetation? This “healthy” experience will complement your autumn vacation perfectly.

Numerous garden houses in the United States provide visitors with the opportunity to impersonate actual producers. By directly harvesting apples, the image of mature apple trees becomes increasingly familiar to everyone’s eyes. The trend toward expanding activities for family travelers also contributes to the income growth of farmers. In addition, the organic apple orchard model has been implemented as a fantastic way to raise environmental awareness and provide clean food to consumers who fear pesticides and herbicides.

Here is a list of renowned apple orchards that routinely welcome visitors and that you should not miss:

Lyman Orchards: The apple orchard is almost 300 years old

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The Middlefield apple orchard owned by the Lyman family is renowned not only for its astounding geologic age, but also as a vacation paradise for those who appreciate the gentle, pristine beauty of nature. At Lyman Orchards, masses of high-quality, chemical-free apples are harvested annually. In order to reduce the use of pesticides, gardeners have created fake apples that taste delicious and are extremely sticky to attract fruit flies and other insects. When the fruit is ripe, the farm welcomes a significant number of tourists who come to pick apples.

Address: 32 Reeds Gap Rd., Middlefield, CT, USA

Photo: Lyman Orchards

Kiyokawa Family Orchards: A renowned garden with the gentle splendor of the Hood River Valley

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Since 1911, the Kiyokawa family’s plantations, headquartered in the Hood River Valley, have produced plant-based products. The fruit counters of Kiyokawa Family Orchards, which owns the largest u-pick orchard in a breathtaking valley, are open to visitors from around the globe seven days a week. In the fall, apples cultivated on 187 acres will provide an abundance of ingredients for desserts such as hot apple pie, sweet caramel apple jam with unusual aromas, and sweet combined sour ciders. When visiting the fruit stand, carry your own bag to reduce the cost of your Kiyokawa excursion.

Address: 5625 Hutson Dr., Mt. Hood, OR 97041, USA

Photo: Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Apple Dave’s Orchards: A garden house provides a lot of unique entertainment activities in New York

Photo: Orange County Tourism

Prior to 2014, this apple orchard was known as Applewood; however, in remembrance of its deceased proprietor, the name was changed to Apple Dave. If you visit one of New York’s famous apple orchards, you have a good chance of experiencing a variety of recreational activities, such as picking apples, making apple pie, face painting, riding a horse-drawn carriage, and viewing puppet shows. There are no additional fees; you only pay for the assortment of fresh apple bags you wish to transport home. In addition, you have the option of mixing and matching various apple varieties according to your preferences.

The golden sunlight pouring honey and the sun reflecting on the rows of trees laden with ripe fruit will be ideal conditions for your noteworthy sightseeing excursions.

Address: 176 Johnson Rd., Rensselaer Falls, NY 13680, USA

Photo: Califonia

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