Admire the 4 most beautiful autumn destinations around the world

Autumn is known as the most beautiful season of the year, which is ideal for wonderful excursions around the world. There are a lot of destinations from all over Asia to Europe that “transform” every autumn. If you have been to these places, when you return in that “romantic season”, they are still amazingly beautiful.

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Autumn is not only gentle, with a little sunshine and fresh, cooler air, but also brings brilliant colors that dye the earth. It’s challenging not to be fascinated by the red color of Japanese maple leaves, the yellow of the rows of old Germany’s oak trees, the rows of sycamore trees that have entered Chinese poetry, or to marvel at the ancient structures in Russia.

Romantic Japanese Autumn

Coming to the Land of “Rising Sun”, visitors will be captivated by the spectacular autumn beauty of stunning red and yellow maple woods. Under the shadow of red-leaf trees, even sacred pagodas and temples convey a serene and solemn beauty. Japan begins to cool down as the seasons change from summer to fall, making warm weather ideal for outdoor strolls. Traditional gardens and parks highlight these autumn colors, attracting large numbers of visitors anxious to watch the changing leaves.

The most wonderful experience you probably shouldn’t miss is watching autumn on Mount Fuji. With an altitude of more than 3,700m, when going up from the foot of the mountain, you will be surprised to witness the scenery gradually changing from green to yellow and dark red, which is extremely unique.

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Elegant Chinese Autumn

Autumn is supposed to be the brightest season of the year in China, when the entire enormous country sparkles with the color of leaves. Leaves connect with leaves, and trees intertwine with trees, forming an infinite blanket of unfathomable beauty.

Beijing is more amazing than ever in October, when the rows of sycamore and maple trees turn crimson, mixing with the golden ginkgo trees and shining in the gentle afternoon sunlight. The Great Wall is usually an excellent choice for seeing the splendor of Chinese autumn. The easiest to reach by walking on the wall are Cu Dung Quan, Bat Dat Linh, and Mo Dien Du. You should opt to stand high in order to appreciate the magnificent scenery before you.

Photo: China Discovery

Magnificent Russian Autumn

The roads of the birch land will become splendid, like a precious gift given by nature with the golden autumn color. Walking under the rows of tall silver birch trees with a carpet of rustling yellow leaves underfoot and looking up at the bright yellow tree canopy under the deep blue sky is truly an indescribable feeling.

In order to enjoy autumn in Moscow, there is nothing more ideal than walking around Bittsa Forest or Ostrov National Park, where there are large, airy spaces with tall canopy trees like a small forest with hills, reflecting lakes or ancient architecture, red brick walls, rows of wooden benches along the road… Don’t forget to explore Red Square, Basil’s Cathedral, or the romantic autumn panorama from Sparrow Hill.

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Pleasant Germany Autumn

Visiting Germany in the autumn is supposed to be a walk-in dream, especially in the countryside. In autumn, the German landscape is dressed in the two main colors of yellow and red from rows of old oak trees and maple leaves covering ancient castles, making everyone think they are lost in paradise.

The diverse colors of foliage, such as green, yellow, red, orange, etc., contribute to the romance of autumn. Places that are full of green in the summer will turn into more magical colors like red and yellow everywhere, especially old houses and castles. Going inside feels like stepping into a fairy-tale world. October is also the time when trees in Germany turn from green to yellow, bringing with them the first cold winds of the year.

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