5 America’s most brilliant places to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and the bustling atmosphere of the festive season has begun to spread all over the world. In America, there are many brilliant destinations to celebrate Christmas, attracting a huge influx of domestic and international tourists. Let’s explore 5 paradises with Christmas Eve beauty suggested by Wanderlust Tips USA and immerse ourselves in interesting activities at each location.

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Christmas is known as a golden time to walk on white, snowy roads decorated with sparkling golden lights. In order to celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year, a large number of tourists have planned wonderful excursions to enjoy the vibrant festive atmosphere with family and relatives. Traveling to America during the winter season is an unforgettable experience that visitors should not miss, especially the 5 stunning places below.

Rockefeller: New York’s fantastic destination with a massive pine tree

Rockefeller Center is well-known as one of the most famous Christmas destinations in the world, featuring a giant Christmas decorated with millions of lights and twinkling lights. The Christmas tree is lit on November 30 every year and attracts millions of visitors to admire it.

In addition, Rockefeller Center also has many other Christmas activities to arouse guests’ interest, such as ice skating, watching performances, etc. It would be wonderful to experience ice skating, a popular Christmas activity at Rockefeller Center, in a large outdoor skating area overlooking the beauty of New York City.

Further, you can stand a higher chance of getting exposure to performances at Rockefeller Center. Every year, many Christmas performances are held here, including music performances, ballet, etc.

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Disneyland: California’s wonderland for cartoon enthusiasts

Disneyland Park is renowned as a magical world of Christmas for those who are passionate about cartoons. With colorful Christmas gardens, Disney cartoon characters in Christmas costumes, and many other Christmas activities, it is one of the most ideal destinations to admire in the winter season.

The Christmas garden at Disneyland is decorated extremely splendidly with millions of lights and Christmas models. Whenever you step into a wonderland, you can have access to exciting Christmas activities such as meeting Disney cartoon characters in Christmas costumes, visiting Christmas stores, and so on.

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Charleston: An ancient home with Southern California’s most vibrant festivals

Charleston has been likened to a quaint destination world-famous for houses lavishly decorated for Christmas, combining many vibrant Christmas festivals, Christmas markets, and other interesting Christmas activities to satisfy guests’ demands.

The Charleston Christmas Festival is supposed to be one of the largest Christmas festivals in the United States, taking place for 2 weeks with diverse attractive activities such as music performances, ballet, art exhibitions, etc. Besides, you can purchase unique Christmas gifts and traditional Christmas foods as wonderful presents for your loved ones in Charleston’s Christmas Market.

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Chicago: Illinois’s land steeped in Christmas spirit

Known as one of the most Christmas-themed cities in Illinois, Chicago’s beauty is even more impressive thanks to the decoration of Christmas symbols such as the giant Christmas tree in Millennium Square, brightly decorated streets, and other Christmas activities. The Millennium Square Christmas tree is recognized as one of the largest Christmas trees in America, decorated with millions of lights and sparkles. Besides, Chicago’s streets are also brightly decorated with Christmas lights and decorations. You can walk around the city to admire its beauty during Christmas.

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Salem: Massachusetts’s historical garden containing Christmas atmosphere

Salem, a city famous for its Halloween festival, also becomes brilliant with Christmas trees, gorgeously decorated houses, and many other Christmas activities when Christmas arises. Christmas trees in Salem are decorated in themes that match the city’s history. In addition, the city also has many other Christmas activities, such as music performances, ballet, and so on.

Having fun at night under colorful Christmas trees and participating in the special, vibrant festivals of each region have become indispensable activities for tourists around the world. In particular, it is supposed to be a meaningful moment to spend time together and enjoy the happy atmosphere at 5 great places that Wanderlust Tips recommends.

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