4 Luxurious Gold-plated Dishes For The Upper Class In Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, tourists instantly picture skyscrapers and opulent buildings, as well as ultra-wealthy billionaires who have a penchant for gold-plating furniture, luxury automobiles, and architectural pieces. The degree of luxury is further increased by covering even food and drinks in a layer of precious metal, which is just gold that has been broken into tiny bits or rolled thinly into pieces. When visiting Dubai, the experience of eating cake and sipping coffee wrapped in gold will leave guests with a unique and thrilling sense.

Photo: Time Out Dubai

There isn’t much nutritional benefit to Dubai’s gold-covered delicacies. Nonetheless, it is indisputable that the gold-plated food and beverages serve as a striking focal point, highlighting the opulent lifestyle and high class of Dubai’s wealthy in contrast to other nations. An additional draw for many visitors each year to Dubai is the tradition of indulging in cake and cappuccinos coated in gold while on vacation.

Enjoy the unique flavor of gold-covered cupcakes

Photo: Bloomsbury

Gold-covered cupcakes are a unique confection that is prepared in the United Arab Emirates using components that are imported from Uganda, Italy, and England. Phoenix cupcakes, with their golden exterior layer, provide a striking aesthetic statement in addition to using common components like vanilla, butter, and chocolate.

In particular, the cupcake contains Italian chocolate, Ugandan vanilla beans, a thin covering of 24K gold, and a garnish of gold-dipped strawberries. This beautiful cupcake, which costs almost USD 28,000, is one of the most pricey delicacies in the world since it is made with premium components. Customers must place their orders at Bloomsbury 48 hours in advance to enjoy the Golden Phoenix cupcake.

Sweety with gold-plated chocolates

Photo: Gulf News

One of the very renowned gold-plated items from Dubai is the chocolates, which have a gold coating on the outside. Premium ingredients are also used to manufacture this dessert of chocolate. The gold covering that covers the candy’s outside is what gives this snack worth.

This gold-covered chocolate is frequently sold in little bags, each of which may fetch up to USD 10,000, which is an incredible amount for a delicious dessert. Nonetheless, Dubai’s ultra-wealthy appear to be huge fans of this confection and frequently purchase them as presents. If you’re visiting Dubai and would like to sample these unique chocolates, you may go to Bloomsbury’s restaurant.

Fall in love with the unique flavor of black diamond cream

Photo: Al Arabiya

The Scoopo Cafe restaurant, situated in the heart of Dubai, is well-known for its “Black Diamond” ice cream, which sells for an astounding 816 USD each cup.

The dish’s outrageous price can be attributed to its superior components, which include 23K gold leaf, Italian black truffle mushrooms, Iranian saffron, and Madagascar vanilla beans. Ice cream is presented in an opulent Versace cup. Specifically, customers may bring the cup home as a memento after savoring delicious ice cream.

Be amazed with the unique flavor of cappuccino covered with gold

Photo: Matador Network

The costly gold-coated coffee cup called “The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino”, is a product of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE. A cup of cafe-coated golden dust is served at the outdoor cafe within the hotel premises

After brewing a cup of cappuccino as usual, the barista will sprinkle a layer of 24-carat gold on the surface and continue to create a sail shape – the brand image of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. In Dubai, patrons may enjoy a cup of gold-covered cappuccino in two ways: either using a spoon to scrape off the froth on top and savoring the fresh flavor, or sipping straight from the lips. In the second manner, a thin coating of gold dust will adhere to your lips, creating an intriguing sensation, much as monarchs relish their opulent and regal lifestyle.

Guests enjoying this cup of gold-covered cappuccino can also indulge in a chocolate mousse cake, which is adorned with a thin layer of gold on the surface or a smooth chocolate-covered marshmallow. They are all presented in elaborately patterned gold-plated dishes and glasses. Every kind of gold that is used to make food and beverages in Dubai is edible and does not negatively impact the health or digestive systems of individuals who consume it.


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