3 Tourist Attractions in the US That Reflect the Charm of the Country

The United States, the world’s third-largest country, is renowned as one of the most beautiful locations, offering travelers a plethora of world-class cities and gorgeous scenery. Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoor adventurer, or a history lover, each state will meet all of your needs.

As we all know, tourism has a significant impact on America’s economic strength. In fact, these tourist sites have drawn a large number of visitors for many years. When you enter this lovely country, you will immediately see its modern marvels and natural beauties. Here is a list of the top three tourist sites recommended by Wanderlust Tips USA that showcase the charm of this country.

1. Glass Beach: From a California public landfill to a world-famous glass beach

Glass Beach has been compared to one of Fort Bragg, California’s oddest attractions. Glass Beach differs from other sandy beaches in that it is coated in bright glass beads, hence the name. Visitors should wear shoes and sandals to avoid grazes on their skin, even if the glass beads here are not as sharp as usual ones due to the edge of sea water.

Photo: Glass Beach

Few people could have predicted that a large landfill in California would become such a popular coastal place to explore more than 40 years ago.

The glass particles that litter the seashore are not naturally occurring. Nature has restored a landfill over time, which is a fantastic phenomena. For more than 40 years, crashing waves have provided humanity with a vital opportunity to fix their mistakes.
Previously, Fort Bragg residents tossed any type of household rubbish onto the cliffs and beach. Glass has been one of the most common types of waste left till recently. It used to be a flaw of these citizens, but now everyone is concerned about protecting the Glass Beach ecosystem.

Photo: Glass Beach

Nature aided people’s attempts to repair the beach after 40 years. Waves aided in beach cleaning by abrading abandoned glass into the dazzling, tiny, smooth, and brightly colored pebbles seen today.

Occasionally, guests will notice relics from when this location was a dump, such as a corroded spark plug. Nonetheless, the majority of what you see nowadays is millions of pieces of glass that shine in the sun and glow like crystal.

Address: Glass Beach Dr. & W Elm Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437, USA

2. Skunk Train: Travel back in time by using an old route from the last century

Let’s travel back in time to ride the well-known Skunk Train through the redwoods. The remarkable train has supplied a massive influx of tourists with incredibly unique experiences since 1885. Walking through old-growth redwood woods, across gorgeous trestle bridges, through spectacular tunnels, and into the heart of the Noyo River canyon will leave an impression on you. The same exquisite landscapes that have essentially remained unchanged for well over a century will flash before your eyes.

Photo: Skunk Train

It is said to be a haven for railway aficionados, family vacationers, and environment lovers. The Skunk Train journey takes approximately two hours.
You will ride the train from the valley bottom to the highest point of the rail line, where there is a redwood forest and Noyo River Canyon, to take in the breathtaking landscape. In addition, you may see Wolf Tree, the oldest tree along the trail and a symbol of the park.

A gorgeous and soothing trip of nature can revitalize your thoughts and relax you. This tour is also appropriate for youngsters and anyone with limited mobility. So it’s ideal if you can bring your family to this breathtaking location.

Photo: Skunk Train

Address: 299 East Commercial Street, Willits, California 95490, USA

3. Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens: A one-of-a-kind natural treasure with incredible architecture

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, located at 18220 North Highway 1, is a Pacific Coast treasure with a diverse collection of important herb plants. It also provides a variety of services ranging from colorful displays to thunderous waves.

Photo: Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Tourists can immerse themselves in a deep coastal pine forest, native flora and habitats, fern-covered canyons, camellias, rhododendrons, magnolias, conifers, heaths, heathers, and flower-filled coastal cliffs overlooking the blue ocean when they visit here. The climate is mild, making it ideal for gardeners and environment enthusiasts.

Photo: Wikipedia

A quiet garden for all seasons blended with the rough grandeur of the Mendocino Coast, each changing season will bring fresh flora and wildlife, increasing the excitement of guests. Furthermore, your visit demonstrates encouragement and support for the non-profit botanical garden.

Address: 18220 CA-1, Fort Bragg, CA 95437, USA

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