Paradise Vietnam was awarded for excellent contribution in social welfare

With continuous effort in social community programs for the last year, Paradise Vietnam is honored to be among the 60 corporations receiving the award for significant accomplishment in social security, operated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment for the fourth time, with the theme: Enterprises for the for the poor.

Hanoi, Vietnam (March 11th, 2016), at the “Enterprises with great achievement in social security declaration ceremony” hosted by the Economics and Forecast Magazine (Ministry of Planning and Investment), Paradise Vietnam received pubic tributes together with over 59 other organizations.

This is an annual celebration held by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, with the purpose of raising public awareness and encouraging businesses into social activities. The event also aims at enhancing consumers and suppliers’ perceptions about the organizations that have excellent performance in social security, transforming Vietnam into a reputable and attracting trading environment which positively contributes to export, tourism and helps drawing more foreign investments.

In recent years, Paradise Vietnam has contributed many financial funds for social welfare activities in not only Quang Ninh Province, but also all around Vietnam. Furthermore, the company has provided thousands of jobs for local employees, increasing their income and living standard.

Mr. Dao Trong Tuyen, CEO of Paradise Vietnam shared, “This award is not the achievement of a single person but the result of a joint effort of the whole group. Social security is and will always remain one of our most important concerns and motivations for sustainable development of the group in the future”.

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